Just ordered my Keenum Luv Ya Blue Coog jersey (Update: I just received the jersey!)

On www.Maristown.com

You may wanna get one while supplies last, obviously they won’t be selling Coog merchandise with the Luv Ya Blue colors for very long.

Is that the right website? Dont see any sports jerseys on there

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Could be a scam, however I trust it since it came across my Facebook feed as an ad.

I ordered one, hope it gets here in time for the OSU game, if not I’ll wear it for our bowl game #pollytrain!

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No rush, they’ll be selling knockoffs online for a long time. Nike never made to sell.

So many clues this comes straight from China. Not saying I’m against it, just don’t pay this much. I got mine for $35.

My virus scanner would not let me even open the site.


May I add how stupid it is that the jerseys say “Luv ya Blue” on the inside and that you can order an Earl Campbell one. They were really stupid if they were trying to avoid trademark infringement. Campbell played for the Oilers and didn’t even go to UH, he went to UT.

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The people who run that site aren’t too worried about trademark law…

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Let us know how it turns out. The ones on DHGate are half the price which hopefully means this one is higher quality and arrives in two weeks. (If you’re willing to wait, DHGate does have decent stuff btw. Every kind of UH jersey you can think of).

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True, CBY almost landed Earl rumor said he was, about to come ( we were and still do recruit E. Texas strong Tyler area etc coach Red worked that area for many years for CBY successfully Earl would have been his greatest recruit ever) imagine Earl in the veer) here until Bevo stepped in with there wishbone “O” he was featured back in the wishbone just another back, but they went from the wishbone to the “I” formation (under HC Fred Akers after Darrell Royal) retired with Earl and the rest is history.So we can make him a honorary Coog. :rofl:

Galen Robinson has a new hoodie for sale…


@kae71463 looks good on Arceneaux



City needs to continue to own those colors. Nashville peeps are repping on social media it like they founded it or something

I got the goods. Not a scam:


I repeat, I actually got my Luv Ya Blue jersey from that website (sorry, feel I have to bump to keep it high with all these coaching search threads. That’s certainly understandable but this is also big news).


How long did it take from order to arrival?

About 3 weeks.

Sorry, make that 4 weeks.

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Did their shipping info ever get updated? Mine has been the same status for weeks.

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I haven’t checked.