Just ordered my Keenum Luv Ya Blue Coog jersey (Update: I just received the jersey!)

Perhaps they were produced and licensed by UH prior to the NFL bringing the hammer down on UH. Perhaps they’re allowed to sell what they have in stock and not produce any more (that would make them that much more valuable).

They aren’t though.

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Products are probably coming out of China, I don’t think there hardly worried if there selling unlicensed or licensed sports wear. They ain’t skeeered

Did UH bend the knee to the NFL on this issue?

That blue is the color used by the city of Houston.

My jersey arrived yesterday.

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This doesn’t have to do with UH and the copyright issue. This site is not affiliated with the university or Nike. They’re illegally using the trademarks of both.

Hopefully available as a baseball jersey that fits any UH occasion.
How will that Grinch daughter of Bud Adams react ?
Whole different legal argument for a color scheme in a sport the Titans don’t play.

Click “columbia blue UH”

Gearing up on UH baseball board soon.
This first crack at B12 a good time to get back involved.
AAC got dismal. B12 Baseball a good follow regardless.

The Ware jersey is in. Still waiting on the Manjack IV alternate.


How does the size match up with store sizes ? ? ? ? ?

Hard to tell on me. I can wear as little as a medium (technically, and it’s not a perfect fit either, just short and slightly above the waist) and as large as a 3XL, though given the way some 3XL’s fits on me, I assume I could go up to a 4XL. Therefore, I’m perhaps the worst person to make that type of judgement.

The jerseys I got were 2X and they fit just fine, so take it for what it’s worth.

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You can sure tell it is unauthorized apparel. Luv ya Blue printed in the collar? Kinda “in-your-face” to Amy-Adams Strunk.

The manufacturer is just itching for a cease and desist letter.

I initially thought it was dumb if UH had anything to do with it. Even without them involved, it’s still dumb.

I’d love to see how hard they laugh after they get the “cease and desist” letter translated.

NFL to China:


Are you going to post the review of the supplier?

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Good to know your personal info. Now i know if i make you mad, I feel comfortable I can out run you. :joy::rofl::laughing:

I’m not fat, I’m pretty athletic.


:man_running: :man_running: :man_lifting_weights:

Manjack alternate is in.


First time out in the Manjack alternate.


This jersey looks nothing like the jersey the team wore.

It’s an alternate jersey, although it is slightly different than what they advertised (there’s no UH logo on the sleeve, was disappointed about that). Look earlier in the thread, I got two that look exactly like the jersey the team wore from the same site, a Keenum and a Ware.