Just thinking . . . .

Prime would be an upgrade over Dana but then so would just about anyone. Hell id take the Aflac duck over Dana. At least it could help up with NIL. Lol

No, it’s not apples to apples, Prime traded out 95% of his team and stacked it with a bunch of hand picked studs from around the country. He has a much higher rated roster at his disposal with guys like McCaskill riding the pine.

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Just thinking?


Clickbait title. smh

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You can make stats say what you want. I agree with that.

But it’s a lot easier to make Dana look bad vs making him look good. There’s a reason why his seat is hot.

He hasn’t made us better. At best, he’s been similar to other guys that got fired. And things are trending very poorly.


Deion just lost his only OL commit to Brandon Jones and Mizzou.


All 3 of CDH’s bowl games were vs .500 teams. David Gibbs is the only other UH coach to play a .500 bowl team

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