Just Wanted To Say Something About Annapolis

The wife & I agreed that it was the best road trip, by far, that we have ever taken.

Friendly people

Great food

Good bartenders

Easy access to everything including the stadium.

Great seats for the game (dry)

Best pregame show

Even though we lost and probably shattered any hope of a New Year’s appearance it didn’t bother me. Why? We were having so much fun in Annapolis. The restaurant Cantler’s Riverside Inn became our hangout and met a lot of really nice people along with some amazing seafood…

I used to hang on every win or loss. Spend time analyzing and, if we lost, be in a funk. No more. I realize the game is but a part of the entire entertainment package. It is the primary part but also simply the reason for the entertainment package.

I’ll remain someone who hopes we win and question the play calling during the game. However, once it’s over, like an 8 year old little leaguer, I’ll be more interested in the treats after the game and forget about it.


Great post and I agree. That was a fun trip and it sucks we lost. The memories hanging out with my son were well worth it.


I agree, it was an amazing trip. Spending Friday touring the Naval Academy was really a treat. Folks were extremely hospitable and the food was great. Watching the Naval parade on Friday afternoon was extra special, very unique. The only downside to the trip was the rain and loss on Saturday. Took me two days to dry off after tailgating and watching the whole game down low. But overall a great time.

Been on a ton of road trips and this destination ranks right up there with Louisville as a personal favorite.

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