Just watched ESPNs 30 for 30 on UH vs NC St

We stil lost. Dang it. I will never get over it.

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Why would you put yourself through that again.

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Other than the ending I like the story.

Was that the Bennie Anders one, or is there a different one?

Just a note here that we finally renamed the arena inside Reynolds Coliseum for Coach V this Wednesday night. I found it ironic that this was the same week as the Fertitta Center Opening. I graduated from State in 1984 so I was a student there for that NCAA Tournament. I don’t generally mention any of that around UH fans unless I’m asked where I went to school. Coach Valvano was a genuinely nice man who really cared for his players. After living in Houston since 1984 and having my youngest graduate from UH, I’m a big Coog Fan as well.

I would ask that you consider a donation to Cancer research this week during the V Foundation fundraising push on ESPN. It’s still killing a lot of people. I have a co-worker that I’ve worked with at two different places over the past 30 years that entered hospice this week. #cancersucks


No one will as long as they keep replaying it and we keep watching it! (I don’t re-watch stuff like that)

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We are 0-6 in Final Fours. Five in the NCAA & one in the NIT.


it was worth watching…if nothing else you see how great that team was.
it refreshes the memory of coog greatness. Nobody plays the game like that anymore. To watch clyde jump over a player from Memphis for a dunk or anders lay the ball up at full speed 6 feet from the basket over an opposing louisville player…rob gray would have come of the bench on that team…they were just so dam good. Akeem stats mid way in the lousiville game 17 pts, 17 rebounds, 7 blocks …13 dunks for the team. lucky if you see one or two these days. it’s all abou the 3 now.


Laettner, Jimmy V, and Michigan are banned viewing in my house. The tournament will break your heart. I just expect it now and try to enjoy the regular season.


You will never get me to watch that rerun again — well not the part where we lost the game! One thing I would like to point out is that I love the fact that they put time limit on how long a team can take possession of the ball without having to shoot it. If that game were played today there was no way the Wolfpack would have won because they can’t simply hold onto the ball for as long as they wanted before shooting it and scoring the last shot!


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No, that is incorrect. We have won several games in the Final Four before eventually losing in the Championship Game.

Beating Louisville at the Final Four in Albuquerque was the best college BB game I ever saw or attended!


If we had only made two more free throws…

Having watched the story, NC was a charmed team and beat a LOT of good teams outside of us to win it.

But the Fab Five loss was a classic choke job by Webber…

A part of me died that night.

I was talking about the Michigan vs UH game last year. And Leattner because I was born in Kentucky and have a lot of relatives who are alumni there.

My dad is a college basketball connoseuir and huge Louisville fan. He says the Final Four matchup with Houston was the greatest college basketball game he’s ever seen and it’s not really close.

The doctors of dunk vs. PSJ, I grew up on stories about that game. Unlike us Louisville actually won a national title out of that era so their memories are a little more pleasant.

If you make the mistake of watching it, take a look at the calls made against Drexler which took
him out of the game. With reverse and pause you can study them, if you want to.

Or read posts about it???

We have two Final Four wins (Louisville 83 - Virginia 84). We’re 2-5 in FF. (I’m not counting the 3rd place game they used to have).