Just watched Tennessee OU 2015

A few observations that may shed some light to this weekend with OU’s tendencies. Only maybe though… you know past performance does not predict the future and so forth.

  1. Mayfield has incredible escapability. We better wrap him up the first time.
  2. Mayfield is incredibly accurate, he only needs a second.
  3. Perine and Mixon are a scary combo, but they can be stopped.
  4. Tennessee played great defense all game, it was stupid stupid penalties that cost them the game. We have to be disciplined to beat OU.
  5. Thank the football gods Sterling graduated.
  6. Oklahoma struggled with everybody last year who ran a zone read and a running QB.
  7. Tennessee rushed the edges and disrupted Mayfield for much of the game, at one point he was 8/25… Our speed on the end and blitzes I think will cause OU problems.
  8. Oklahoma is beatable.
  9. We have to play 60 minutes, the Air Raid can stink for 55 minutes and beat you in 5.
  10. I think we run all over Oklahoma.
  11. This game will be tough.
  12. If we play Oklahoma middle of season, would be much tougher, I think we will have less rust and execute better than they will.

Go Coogs!

This is big. OU has some talented receivers, but it’ll be interesting to see how quick Mayfield can feel comfortable with them. He relied on Sterling a ton last year (sort of like we did with Ayers). A lot will depend on the line to apply pressure to allow the secondary to gain confidence. Hopefully, we can get a turnover or 2 or 3.

Well we know whoever is being guarded by Howard Wilson is not a factor. IMO he will continue DBU for UH.

I bet his new go-to-guy is that TE CTH mentioned.

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