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610 Employee calls out Tom Herman on twitter

Brian McDonald ‏@sackedbybmac Aug 26
Tom Herman is a great coach. But as a person, he’s a little B. What an entitled douchebag. Run away little man. (These opinions are my own)
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@sackedbybmac That little b just became Mayor of Norman. Go interview a practice squad player for the 45th time this month.

The only people who are going to bring it up are 610 people. Everyone else has moved on, atleast I hope so. 610 can be all Texans all the time.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

610 is just hurt. She’ll get over it.

Just wait till 610 pisses off tillman. Keep this up and they will.

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Maybe he will buy the station and fire them all.


Amen, learn to walk away.

Wait a minute. This happened 2 weeks ago and we’re talking about it now?

Let the 610 horn fan watch his wrestling and say what he wants. He’s just pissed off that he has to stick with some team manager for interviews because Herman doesn’t deal with pussies.

This is unbelievable. The 610 personalities keep telling us losing Herman has no effect on how many listeners they have, and that CTH is the one with thin skin, but they keep bringing it up. Yes, CTH is definitely the one looking like an entitled douchebag in this scenario.

Speaking of douchebags, did you all catch Nick Wright calling CTH a “petulant child” this weekend. Of all the people in the entire world who could possibly call CTH a petulant child, Nick Wright is certainly not one of them. He just couldn’t help taking a jab.

It’s always tough to see a grown man cry.

I’ll sleep better tonight knowing Nick Wright (whoever he is) is rooting for us!

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They can’t. As I’ve been saying their fragile egos are on fire and they MUST win. But for interested parties you have complete psychological dysfunction on display. It’s a great learning opportunity.

They have the self-awareness of a 2-yr old throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store.

The truth is that they don’t see any benefit to letting it go. I’m sure it’s their belief that interest in the “feud” will surpass interest in a normal professional interaction. They also believe that Herman and UH need their radio station more than they need us.

They like things the way they are.

Best to ignore them altogether including when they bait you on Twitter

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Isn’t 610 is a loop around the City of Houston? If you happen to be driving within 75 miles of Loop 610, then be sure to find a different radio station to listen to. There’s 740 and 790 and 950, etc., etc.

CBS Radio is the owner. The owners wants to protect their investments.
email cbs radio at:
You can also call them at:
Keep it clean but let them know that you will start boycotting the station and why. Call the local business owners that advertise on the station and tell them your true feelings.
Its pretty simple, if the needle does not move or goes down the talking heads will be out of a job.

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It ain’t that serious. Just don’t listen. CBS only cares about ratings and revenue. Unless something is vulgar or gets picked on nationally, CBS doesn’t care. Texans programming takes up most of the day, so the ratings are going to be just fine. Business owners who advertise on 610 only care about the business they bring in. They don’t care about a feud with the coach. If you don’t like 610, don’t listen, don’t go to their events, change the station if it is on at a department store. That is what affects them more than anything else.

That is beyond bush league for someone who is a sports radio producer. Talk about burning the bridge.

If he and some other Cougar advertisers pulled all their ads from 610, things would start changing.

They’re trying to get CTH to respond for the clicks… Ain’t happening. If they want to alienate UH listeners then let them do that; based on our tv viewership over the weekend that is not a smart choice.

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