Justin Gorham Makes UH One of the Most Annoying Teams in America to Play


I love being the annoying team…as opposed to having to play an annoying team.

ive lightly mentioned this before …but the way justin plays gets under peoples skins

when i was gathering film of him from Towson a few seasons ago, i noticed he was in a lot of “almost fights”… he is never the aggressor or escalator, at first i thought it was the other player because they were coming at him…but i only watched about 5-6 games and it happened 4 times all with different players … i realized this is not a coincidence, it has happened twice this season lol… he is saying something to them, or doing something that is annoying them that pushs them over the edge that they want to fight him lol

but i think its a sign gorham is starting to get comfortable playing his way


He is my favorite player to watch, just like Nate was last year – always moving, always irritating somebody…

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He chirps A LOT. I like the energy and edge that he brings but I hope the extra stuff does not come back to “bite” the team.


Great read. Thanks for posting Jcoop

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Whatever he is doing, I am all for it. He is getting the boards and the points, plus his defense is just plain great.