Kansas fires Doug Meacham

Dude leaves a cushy job at TCU to dive into an absolute dumpster fire of a program at Kansas, and his reward is to be scapegoated and blown out mid-season.


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He was never the real OC at TCU, it was the guy up in the booth…>Cumbie, or something like that.

He did a decent job here. If Sumlin was smart, he would upgrade

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Didn’t Meach turn down the UNT job or was just in the running for it?

KU should of never gotten rid of mark mangino. Personally, I like to see programs that think too much of themselves get what they deserve. See Nebraska.


Kansas did him a favor he won’t be unemployed long.

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Does he at least get credit for making O’Korn look like a good quarterback as a true freshman?


Absolutely, he spent all his time on the sideline tutoring O’Korn and the offense…

I decry that like so many other coaches at UH, he also left before the bowl game.

We saw O’Korn after Meachum left. Nuff said.

Meacham is a real good OC IMO. If he hadn’t left, I don’t think Levine is fired when he is. So I am happy about that. He will find work very soon.

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Would be kind of ironic if Kansas came after Briles to replace Meacham.

I won’t be floored if KB leaves after this year.

I will be floored if KB leaves for Kansas.


Most coaches think they can fix a broken program. Places like Kansas usually don’t have the skill players to cope in the P5 conferences. Meacham didn’t forget how to coach since he left TCU. He’ll be hired soon. Now he’s learned that a pile of garbage is still a pile of garbage no matter what you do with it.

Mike Leach went to a program that was broken, but the goal was to make them respectable and a dangerous opponent even if they will likely never be a playoff team. Meacham will be careful in accepting the next job, match expectations with reality. He’s only 53, plenty of time to bounce back.

Manny Diaz was fired as DC at Texas in mid-season after Mack Brown called his performance after a game “unacceptable.” (Sound familiar?)
He’s now the DC at Turnover Chain U, Miami of Fla., and leading the nation in many defensive categories.
Good coaches can coach, there’s more to it than Xs and Os and Jimmies and Joes.

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This is why you don’t go to Kansas. Heard an AM radio guy a couple weeks ago say Briles will be the OC at KU next year…that would be insane.

If that happens, then we failed miserably.

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Please elaborate

Briles taking an OC job at KU would be a step down, as well as a big career risk. If he takes that job, then it would be either be because we’re underpaying him, or because it’s been made clear that he has a limited future here.

I suppose he could see the job as some great challenge to be conquered, but there will be many other similar challenges that won’t offer the same risk, and I’m certain that he’s sharp enough to understand that.

Yeah well if a school like Kansas offered $500k and Briles took it, that would be Briles wanting to leave here. If they offer Briles $1M (about 10 coordinators made that much or more last year) then that isn’t on UH or Briles. We can’t afford to pay Major $1.6M and Briles $1M and have anything left in the budget to pay anyone else.

I want to play. If we go 10-2 or 11-1, KB will be a hot prospect as a HC. He’s already proven himself as an OC. Kansas has a solid future: either with B12 or B1G. Kansas wouldn’t expect miracles, and they would be getting a proven offensive coaching talent.
Everyone laughed when AB jumped to that fire-sale called Baylor, remember?
Would love to have him stay with us for a couple more years, but unless CMA leaves on his own accord (Kansas?), KB will be a hot prospect IF we go 10-2 or better.

I think he was already a hot prospect. FAU just gave everyone else “permission” to hire him.