Karma is a B


Interesting note: Herman brought the whole “play Seek and Destroy over the band on kickoffs” thing with him to Texas. Hopefully that means we’ve ditched it.

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What channel is this on? Can I get it if I don’t have cable?

FS1, and no. Unless you have some other streaming service.

On a related topic, is it too early to start poaching recruits from their #2 class?

Man, I hope you’re right.

Cmon Terps! Keep scoring!

You guys really love cursing a good thing.

Not sure why they went for it there. True frosh QB on the road, you pin him deep in your own territory.

Should have kicked a FG after half time too, would be tied right now. Our former coach’s decision making has been bad today.

TD Maryland - 44-34 Terps, 7:36 to go.



Sounds like Maryland starting QB went out with an injury.

I hope Herman calls out the UT fans.
Tony Orlando is missing big ed
Herms is missing Greg Ward.


Yep, right before the 4th. They’ve got a true frosh in.


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A lot of Texas fans are in Houston. More important stuff going on down here…

Hey where did that Texas guy go?

Yeah. DCTF’s podcast the other day was talking about how the county with the second-most UT season ticketholders is Harris County. As much as I loathe the “Harvey hit Texas and UT is in Texas” storyline, it probably did substantially affect their fambase.

I hear you, but this game wasn’t a sell out, and Texas has fans everywhere.

Lot of folks there weren’t happy with the hire.

At least the fans are showing how classy they are…

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