Katarina Adamovic the new Houston Cougars Women's Tennis HC

Staff at Cinn & Mizz then HC at Grand Canyon

National champion of Serbia.
Very good college tennis player at Okie State.
Used a 5th year for hoop.

The gang at Scott & Holman have repeatedly called for someone w long time international tennis connections.


Looks to be a solid addition to the program. Maybe she’ll bring the entire GCU team with her.


Welcome coach!


Sorry I posted about my opinion that she resembled a famous WBB coach, but I guess that was not well received. I hope that at least she coaches like her.

Good Luck Coach Adamovic!

Go Coogs!

Seems like a big Boom !
3 straight seasons- First Team All-WAC Singles and Doubles.

GCU an International Brigade. Bring everyone who can hang in Big12.
Jet set international players will love Htown.

From May 2nd.


Great start, but…


Looks like you might be getting your wish.

Two more transfers.

She’s the first female Santa I’ve ever heard of! But a lot more attractive than the male Santa and I’m sure she plays much better tennis than him as well! Welcome to Houston, Santa!

What’s exciting, our 1-3’s were probably playing above their ranking and now could be in a much better position to provide positive results for both themselves and the team.

Anyone on here have any idea.
Does 3 time All WAC get you close to All Big 12 women’s tennis skill ?

Next ???

These girls are good enough to be competitive in the Big 12 especially with OU & UT who were two of the top 3 teams gone. I would think they are good enough to get us to the middle of the pack in the conference and have a shot to make NCAAs which is as good of a one year improvement as you can possibly have from 0-13.

It does make me sad about the state of college sports in general that she basically decimating her old program. I’m happy to benefit from it now and I have no doubt she is going to elevate our program but I hope we are not getting a preview of what she is going to do to us when a bigger name comes calling.

So how are the tennis facilities? Haven’t seen the courts in years because I no longer attend baseball games.

Scott & Holman my only reference point for UH Tennis.
Mentioned facilities need a shine up but not new facilities.
They mentioned specifically UH Tennis Van with UH Tennis decals gone to the point its embarrassing.

What a career at Okie State. The NCAA Tournament MVP.
Serbian national champion: seniors, U18, U16, U10 and junior.


Seems like a nice hire from afar.



Elizaveta Morozova at UH now.

2 return
4 from GCU
From McNeese. A soph this year.

uh tennis