Katz Coffee

They have a UH blend that is delightful.


Those are Oilers colors !!!
I’m telling Amy.


I smell a cease and desist coming

I was thinking about giving that as gifts but not a big coffee drinker so I wasn’t sure which style to buy people.

That’s fresh too, with a 10/25 roast date. I bet that’ll be delicious!

Flavored coffee isn’t my thing, but cool that they have that.

Is it flavored? I just see tasting notes.

Flavored notes, not flavored, though they have flavored. I toured their facility down near 610 and 290 off Karbach street. Great folks! We are setting up a partnership with them and our district for our adult 18+ adult learners at all of our campuses.


And they have great stickers


Nice, glad it’s not flavored. I went on their website to find more information and saw that they have three blends for Rice, so now it doesn’t feel as special.

They said the Rice coffee shop on their campus is one of their largest accounts as a coffee shop. The Nook at UH is starting to catch up.

You guys don’t roast your own beans?

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I roasted a few batches at home, hoping to develop some instinct to the timing but never got a really good result. Best consistency was over roasted. It was fun, but it’s so easy to find great roasts locally, it was easy to decide to give up. :laughing:

I have mine in the breakfast nook.

That’s an awesome sticker! They close a little early for me to make it often but when I can I try to swing in. I tend to buy from central market which has a robust selection

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Same reason I stopped homebrewing in the 90s.

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It would be even better if they would have an NIL deal.
Players pictures.
Which player is more popular. Make it a fun race.
CKS special edition etc…