Keenum Halftime Ceremony

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I’m glad that we won the game but I thought it was sad that the man who really put U of H football on the map and aided in having our stadium built did not get a better crowd to recognize him.

Not trying to pour on the negative Houston Fan thread because I’m not going to blast the fans, I just wish we could have given more back to the man that gave so much to all the fans. For a man that is so humbled and appreciative from everything, I felt he deserved so much more.


I was there but because of the intense heat had to go below into the shade. Was the game even on TV? And if it was not, why in heck did it start at 11AM?

Great seeing Case!! Wish Klingler could have made it… two great Cougars!!!


The same people who watched him play for UH were mostly there Saturday - there just weren’t many more.

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Let’s think about this.
Honoring players at half time is fine but what about honoring players before game time?
That would not only pump up the crowd but it would guarantee more behinds in the stands. How many people attend half time ceremonies? You can ask the same question for all professional sports. Most people go to the bathroom, beer/food court. In a way I kind of find it insulting to the honoree.
You have a problem with starting time? What about a Keenum ring of honor t-shirt promotion etc…?
That would go along with Case tossing the game coin.
In this case Case’s induction probably reminded many to never give up…the Team included.

I know way too many people that miss the kickoff because they have to finish one last beer. I doubt any of them pass on the last beer, that normally miss the kickoff, will do so for a pre-game ceremony unless the pre-game ceremony is free beer for everyone.

I heard they were actually retiring it as Keenum and Klinger’s number which is good because Klingler was a great Coog as well that set more records than any other Coog before Keenum. Does anyone know if Klingler was invited but busy announcing?

Also do they have plans to put a 7 at the 7 yard line like they did the 11 for Ware? That would be a nice touch.

Klingler was attending one of his son’s last football games. Said he’d try to be there for the Tulane game.

Geese, you guys would complain about a bj.

I was there with my wife and 4 kids age 8 to 1. I’m not looking for a metal, but I am looking for some fans who don’t have sand in their …*shoe.

Glad to be there when case got his due cred. …and klingler too.

This is so true. Case’s first 2 seasons at UH, UH was probably averaging 20,000 fans at the old Robertson’s stadium.

I honestly think that victory over a highly rank and undefeated Oklahoma St, turn the program around under Sumlin during Case Keenum’s JR year.

The consensus seems that losing to Navy and then a lowly Smu team had alot to do with it. On top of that, getting rejected by the Big 12 kind of put on the brakes on the momentum that the Htowntakeover was gaining for the last year and a half.

Not just the fans have been sort of out off it, but seems like it affected the players as well. Hopefully, they pick up their play again against Tulane because a pretty good Louisville team is coming up next after them. Top 5 good.

Soooo, we need to honor Klingler at the Tulane game. Done.

Now THAT might have to be a pregame since Cinco Ranch game starts 2 hours after the Tulane game. It doesn’t really have to be halftime. They have plenty of long TV timeouts throughout the first half. They can do something pregame and then announce it again to the crowd at the end of the 1st quarter so he can cruise to his kid’s game.

I’d rather him be the halftime for the Louisville game though. That will be a packed house and national tv.

Speaking of Klingler, I noticed Luke isn’t on the roster at UHCougars or on ESPN. Is he going to transfer?

Luke left the program in the spring, but is still at UH. I think he decided to retire and focus on his acadmics