Rams tied 14-14 going into the half. Todd Gurley stood up at the goal line and couldn’t score before the half.
Both TDs from Keenum - one through the air, one on the ground. GO CASE!


Passing TD to Britt

Rushing TD

TD! 3 today.

He’s putting on a Greg Ward like performance so far. :joy:
20-for-22 passing, 256 yards, 3 TD’s.


Is there any way to watch the game in Houston?

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Another TD.

26-28 317 yards 3 TDs and 1 rushing TD. Still 14 minutes to go.

Rams up 28-21


DAMMIT…shouldnt have forced it…

One of his best games as a pro ends with an interception and a loss.


Case played well enough to win today. Played better today than he has in several of his wins.

He’ll remember this for a long time. The Defense didn’t help him any though… still shouldn’t have forced it there.

Caldwell chooses to go for three points by the end of the fourth quarter - Gets three points.
By the end of the first half Fisher chooses to go for seven on the one yard line - He also knows that the Rams will get the football to start the second half - Keep in mind that Gurley was still not running the ball effectively. He gets zero points.
Margin of the game? Three points.
Case had a tremendous game and was never helped by the defense. The Rams are missing players on defense and it shows how it can make a difference. It is pretty simple. If you do not tackle well you pay the price. The Rams have to look at incorporating some new plays on defense. I felt at times they were highly predictable. You are missing players? You have got to adapt. The Rams are not.
The stats on the two teams are so similar that it shows how close NFL rosters are.
Yes, the triple coverage was not a good read on Case but Britt made key catches the entire game. To blame the game on him will be highly idiotic. This is not directed at you but at what the L.A/O.C. press will come out with.
For the Rams they have to think about adjusting their defense. The Rams offense is showing some major improvements. Just to think that Gurley had another sub-par game this is the time to think on incorporating some no huddle offense. This will be huge for Gurley. Someone might say this is not the Rams offense. Well, the NFL is about catching the opposition by surprise.
I will forward as many reports as I can.


It’s good to see on Facebook that most fans are backing and praising Case while blaming the loss on the Defense.

But but but he’s not an NFL QB! Put in Goff!

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