Keep it civil Coogfans

Please no profanity, don’t attack fellow Coog posters and do not disparage players.

Coaches are fair game.


Fire Major!!!


Our players are great. Showed true heart until the end.

Coaching staff is problematic.

I am also concerned about training and strength and conditioning staff…too many injuries. Yes, I realize a couple of those injuries were due to bad hits.


Injuries are clearly the biggest issue. Roster is dang near depleted. Losing recruiting classes with coaching changes really catches up a couple years after the fact.


I am beyond Angry…football weekend over for a second week…I don’t like feeling this way, And I hope Mrs Khator is looking at the fan base responses…inexcusable for this coaching staff. Season is over since last week!

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Applewhite should get 1 more year to completely waste the talent he inherited and we can see what he can do with his players! You just cannot fire a coach for winning 7 games a year.

Maybe get some more transfers and kick players?

Coogs have had aome bad luck regarding injuries.

Play calling on both sides of the ball needs as much improvement as the 2’s and 3’s on the field.

We still have a season to play for and a bowl game to gain more practice time and give our players a chance to win a trophy and finish strong.

Saying the season is over isn’t true. UH football is a program not a one time occasion.


I think the big question with strength and conditioning isn’t so much the injuries, but whether we’re developing players properly and pushing them.

Coach Bishop’s results for the basketball team are obvious and you can see the results in the freshmen all the way too the seniors. Not sure if we can say the same for the football team.

Our guys got embarrassed in the trenches tonight on both sides. That’s a strength issue in some ways.



And Applewhite and the end of the season.

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FIRE THEM ALL. Minus Kendall.

Eat ‘em up, eat ‘em up, rah rah rah!


When are they gonna send Coach “No D” D’Onofrio back to New Jersey where he belongs? He sucks! He is one of the most attrocious defensive coaches I’ve ever seen —— if not the worst coach ever!

The dude doesn’t believe in putting pressure on opposing teams’ QBs or wide receivers! How are you gonna win if opposing teams’ QBs have all day to throw the ball and look downfield and their wide receivers are always WIDE OPEN?