If you follow Kellen on twitter, do you get the feeling he is positioning for the OU job at some point? I do not get the feeling he is here for the long term. I understand wanting to go back to your alma mater and I was curious if anyone else has interpreted some of his tweets this way.

no… he has been an avid OU football fan from day 1, even trash talks others every now and then…he is an alum of that school, not really an issue


OU will most likely go with a big name proven HC when they make a change. I do not see them hiring a first time HC or someone with one or two years. The Big12 is actually a darn good basketball conference. OU will get the best and biggest name it can IMHO.

Now IF and when Kellan has real success at UH and the OU job opened in like 12 years or so I could see them or him being interested. Just not for their next hire.I will not worry about a HC staying at UH their entire career. There are not any Yeomans or Lewis’s out their in these days .


He has always tweeted something about OU every chance he gets. He has kept a lot of friendship from his OU time as has all the Sampson family. I wouldn’t read much into it. Nor do I think OU would bring in a first time HC for Basketball. Jmo.


At least he’s loyal.

But Pops hurt some feelings there.
Who knows. I’d take Kellen for 8 years after Pops retires…in 2035.

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