Kelvin Sampson: Caleb can score the ball

Sampson continued, “The only better shot maker we’ve had here (UH) is Rob Gray.”


Mills can be a real star for us. The thing I like is that we are developing several guys that can be real stars for us.

Hinton is the bedrock of the team and does about everything – score, defend, rebound, you name it. He doesn’t seem to get as much star treatment, but he is solid as the team leader.

Fabian is coming into his own and I can see him being another solid performer for us. Grimes is starting to take a more proactive role and letting his ability show. If he stays another year, Sampson will make him into a really good player with NBA star potential.

I can see Sasser getting better each game. I can go on, but suffice it to say Sampson is rounding another team into a force to be reckoned with. I just know that CKS will get all there is to get out of these players if they stick with him. Rob Gray is the player he is today because of Kelvin Sampson. I think he will eventually make it to the NBA and be successful there. Sampson had a real project with Rob, but they both stuck with it and both benefitted from it.

I don’t know how we will end up this year and who knows if injuries will take a toll? But I feel good about our chances because I trust Sampson to get the most out of our guys that they will have to give this year. The players that return next year will be even better with a year of Sampson’s coaching behind them.


I think they have a better chance of making the NBA than the NFL, but other than that I agree.


As I posted on the other Caleb/Rob thread:

The two things that I will always remember about Rob Gray:

(1) He had no fear when taking the ball strong to the basket. Regardless of his size or quickness vs the competition, he had a determination to get to the basket and put the ball up on the rim. He was one of the first kids to exemplify the culture of CKS. I loved his ability to compete.

(2) Man-bun.

For any player to be compared to Rob Gray, in my book, that is a good thing. The ceiling for Caleb Mills is too high for me to see. He has natural ability to create his own good looks at the basket. As he gets stronger, adds some thickness to his frame, and builds confidence, he will be a force. Once he starts consistently nailing the long ball, and he will, then his dribble/drive/score game will be unstoppable. I’m a big, big fan of the Grimes, Hinton, and Mills trio. Grimes at the PG/or ball control spot, Hinton and Mills on the wings. They seem to have good chemistry with one another and their respective games just flow together. I’m no coach or basketball expert, but I like what I see when those three play together.

Go Coogs. Peace.


One thing I like about Mills is a lot of his scoring is mid range off the dribble. I see that in the minimal film I’ve see of T.Mark as well.

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How did I miss that? :smile:

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I love Gray and what he did for our program
but the ceiling for Mills is higher.
He is a better creator and tougher to matchup with.
Teams could put physical taller players on Gray that could keep him in front and bother him. Mills is going to be more difficult for bigger guards to stay in front of.


If Nate improved this much in one year I cant imagine how much Caleb will improve the next year. All these kids come back stronger and better after a year.

Still think he needs to get a haircut. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sunglasses::crazy_face:


We depended on Rob so much, especially in clutch situations…but I think this team is so much better balance and we have several players who can take over.
That said, I have said from the beginning that Mills is a special talent and has an unlimited ceiling. He has the ability to create open shots, especially in the paint…and better than that, he has the ability to make them. Yep, give that man another off season to beef up and his stock will keep rising…

I wonder if Grimes is sandbagging to permit others to gain quality experience and pressures. CKS is smart and is more concerned with development of the final product than season Ws

He is in ot for the long haul… building sustainable tradition

I would not use the term “sandbagging” - but my impression, fwiw, is that Grimes natural instinct is to be a facilitator more than a scorer and is conscious of coming in to a program and not wanting to upset the obviously good chemistry. It is probably worth remembering that Caleb Mills practiced and worked with the team a full semester or so before Grimes arrived.