Kelvin Sampson Shirt/Tie?

At the Alcorn State game and tonight’s Temple game, we noticed Sampson just wearing a black polo instead of his usual blue shirt & tie. Anyone know why?

It looks good either way.

Someone made him mad much earlier today so he just showed up in the polo.


All the coaches across the country are dressing casual this year since everything is weird.


Maybe they’re not allowed to wear suits this season? Idk

He wore them in the first couple of games.


Let’s review…he started wearing a coat and tie. Looks great!

In short order…

Coat comes off.

Tie comes off.

He’s left with a dress shirt with an opened tie button.

Essentially the same with a polo without all the accessories.

Still looks great!

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Noticed the other night he has lost a few lbs too. Maybe he’s trying to show off with the tighter fitting polo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: