Kelvin Sampson talks freshmen, scrimmages & Jim Nantz last Final Four call in 2023


He mentions 7 guys who can really guard right now (Arceneaux, Emmanuel and Javier Francis not apart of that group). Im guessing the 7 is:

*Shead, Sasser, Mark, Jarace, Chaney, Jwan Roberts and Mylik Wilson


Well glad CKS loves watching tennis. Been watching since the days of Borg, Conners…

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this is the most positive Sampson has ever been about a team in the preseason… you can see him trying to be critical… but compared his critics to previous years its obvious he really really likes this team

at this pointin previous season: “we are not a good team right now or even close, but will have a chance to be by January February…” normally long rants about how we are not good, or how you dont lose this many players and think you are that level… or xxxx player left, no one can replace him… proclamations of how we are going to lose games … things along those lines

this year “we are good with the returning players, but have to have the young guys catch up”…(the Young players he is referencing are 4 of our 10 player rotation, only 1 in the main rotation and he noted thinks that one player is way ahead of the curve)


At this point last year we didn’t have these many interviews after practice so thank you @AYanez_5 for taking the time to bring exposure and good questions to coach and the players.

I know he would complain about media not being there after practice last year or in prior years

Overall positive interview. He does note they need more experience and that Marcus had a guaranteed draft offer but didn’t like where he was going to get drafted.

Also noted that they get alot of fouls and our defense isn’t what beat us in the elite 8 it was our shooting 1 of 20 from 3 but against a good defensive team and it’s good to get exposed early from other teams. Can’t wait for the report Saturday.

The clip ended on a somber note about life and being replaced as the years and seasons pass but I’m guessing he feels for Jim Nantz and how he associates him with college basketball. Jim has done alot for the program so I’m sure coach feels for him and considers him a friend.

Good questions from everyone present.


Throw out Wilson and add Ramon and thats probably the 7

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Ramon can guard. Or he would not have played so many minutes last year. I have a feeling Wilson is going to redshirt. He’ll get a lot more PT next year.

Good catch. Its definitely Ramon.

Could actually be Mylik Wilson over Jarace too. Cause of how experienced Mylik is. Coming from Texas Tech where they are elite defensively

So Shead, Sasser, Tramon, Jwan Roberts, Chaney, Ramon Walker and Mylik Wilson → i would assume are the 7 really good defenders Coach was referring to

While I agree that defense is difficult for freshmen to pick up, Jarace is practicing with the starters. He wouldn’t be doing that if he could not guard.

If I am right about Wilson redshirting, then Coach isn’t thinking about him at all in terms of this team.


Interesting that Sasser had a promise and came back. I would assume it was 2nd round but it would be nice to see him become a 1st Rd pick.

This interview made me feel good about the upcoming year for sure.

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Not wanting to be overly critical here. Ramon was a terrible on ball defender last year. You couldn’t leave him on the perimeter 1 on 1. He got beat every time.


I may have missed it at some point in the other thread, but did Wilson ever get the waiver approved for this year? We talk about him as if he’s definitely playing, but I don’t recall ever hearing anything about that finally going through.

I don’t get the point of redshirting these days. Mylik will have multiple years of eligibility regardless. Dude can play defense and can run a offense. His jumpshot will come back closer to his freshman year.

And the level coach has started to recruit now it’s going to be hard to get minutes regardless. Just look at the kid who transfer recently (Powell).


True. But he was assigned to play as a true freshman more than anticipated after Sasser & Mark were lost for the season. He wasn’t quite ready for rotation minutes because he missed alot of time early on because of an injured hand. That also effected his jumpshot as he was wearing some type of brace on it and was never close to 100%. He definitely can improve now as he gets more healthy and gets more accustomed to the speed of the college game.

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I think that is a little over statement but granted he wasn’t Shead, Sasser, or even Mark yet.
Keep in mind he was also playing on knees that were bothersome and any other year may have been shut down for rest and strengthening.

That’s an interesting observation. I did not feel it that way because he mentioned that the last year team had Veterans like Taze Moore and Kyler coming from bench. Not sure why he mentioned Kyler but anycase his point was that the bench in last years team had veterans and this year doesn’t. We know how that turned out due to injuries. I was expecting a more ringing pronouncement on this years team.

i was more comparing it to previous seasons, he is trying to point out flaws in this team, which he always those in the preseason, but comparative to his usual critics this year seems very tame…

im not saying he isnt criticizing but the extent which is far less… for example last year he was saying it was crazy to say we had a final 4 team (back to back) in the preseason, that you dont lose that many starters and think you’ll be that good again (and this was with mark/sasser). then would go on rants how fans underestimate how hard it is to get there

sampson NEVER gives a ringing team endorsement of any team ever in the preseason… sampson loves to credit teams after the season but never before
but the things he is criticizing arent that big… basically that some (not all) of our backups are inexperienced and need to catch up

normal year: we are not good now but will have a chance to be by February.
this year: most of the roster is pretty good now, except 3 freshmen but they’ll be good by midseason too


Except this season he’s using Christmas as the demarcation line


I agree with Pesik in breaking down the confidence level of CKS.

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