Kelvin Sampson's New X-Factor — Texas Tech transfer Mylik Wilson Gives UH a


Can be a Taze like player with better handles, but not as big

A very understated transfer. I don’t need to make Taze comparisons other than I felt that was a great additions and I feel Wilson is as well. Both flew under the radar of the brilliant media.
Wilson brings an experienced ball handler and a defensive WEAPON off our bench. He can run the break and finish at the rim really well. He and Sharp will be perfect compliments coming off the bench for what will be the best starting trio in the nation.


His athleticism and defense is where the Taze comparisons come from. Also he seems to be very underrated

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I was just thinking of him being the perfect addition to this team next season. I can’t wait!

He makes us 6 deep at the Guard position. A great situation for all those tough games.

No depth was why we lost to Villanova. The previous Arizona game just drained our energy. No fuel left in the tank.

This roster addition is really helpful!


Interesting where Arceneaux will get his minutes.

Cause right now, you could say we have (7) capable guards. Shead, Sasser, Mark, Mylik, Sharp, Ramon and Arceneaux

Typically we have (5) guard rotations

7 Deep and hopeful the other two will get some run in 4 guard sets.

My bad. 7 deep!

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Man I don’t have the first clue. My guess is sharp will definitely get some good minutes based on Sampson saying he might lead us in scoring in a game. Than I’d say wilson because he’s a senior. Don’t know where TA and Ramon fall

I thought it was because we were 0 for 40 from 3 land.

So it sounds like Wilson is waiting on a waiver and we don’t know if he will play this year, correct?

I don’t know why the latest ruling would effect his case considering they seemed to be granting everyone free transfers but I feel like it may.
Would love to have him but if he doesn’t get to play we still have 6 quality options rather than 7


This is the kid who would make our defense the best in college basketball no doubt! Finally give Shead a breather.

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