I think we need a thread for all of the great Kelvin Sampson quotes aka Kelvinisms…

I’ll start…

ISU Reporter: You had 12 turnovers in the first half… Was it going too fast for them…?

CKS: No, no… We just kinda peed down our leg.

No further questions… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


More from ISU gm:
Asked about falling behind 14-0 start of the game–
I didn’t know whether to pick my nose or go blind-- CKS


lol, I love his pressers almost as much as I loved Bill Belichick’s


Planting the seeds for the transfer portal :sunglasses:


Next up… Linking Coogs visit… :sunglasses:


K.J. Adams is built like a tank.

CKS has not come out and said it, but Rick Pitino did, the NCAA is done. The NIL cases the NCAA has brought will end the NCAA as we know it, setting up the SEC/B10 separation with full paid players

What is the timeline exactly… Are we talking soon or like in 10 years :thinking:

Looks like it will depend on the FSU case. If they get the ACC GOR to fall apart, it could be soon. But we may not know how soon, the SEC took UT and OU in the middle of the night and no one seemed to be aware of the move until it was a done deal, not even A$M.

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I’ll just stop watching and go surfing… :man_shrugging:

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I’d be surprised if Ja’Vier even knew who those guys were, especially Manilow. Ha Funny nonetheless.

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