Ken Pomeroy


Here are the probabilities for the American tournament where second-seeded Houston is the favorite. (at Fort Worth. March 12-15.) #log5

— Ken Pomeroy (@kenpomeroy) March 9, 2020

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I like our chances. We have depth and energy which will take a toll on the opposition during a four day tournament. I REALLY like us in our first game. High energy and depth versus tired legs because the other team played the day before.

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All tournament games are played on a neutral court. Perhaps not at a neutral state, but neutral court.

Stats indicate that teams typically don’t play away games well, but for UH, a neutral court is a level playing situation. We are 3-0 on neutral courts. We won the tournament in Hawaii on a neutral court.

We are 6-6 on away games with key wins at South Carolina and Wichita State. We lost four road games against tough teams by two points or less, which means we were in a position to win those four games.

Summary…I expect the team to play well in Ft. Worth.


Hawaii success was really good practice for this and we’re a lot better now.

Our depth should make us the favorite.