Ken Starr leaves BU Law School

He’s now completely out at Baylor.

Now they need to clean house with the coaching staff.

The cubbies have a law school??!!

Must be a two shelf room and shack somewhere down the Brazos river.

Certainly didn’t help them with all their legal issues going back several years.

I thought Starr was already gone but NOW he is OFFICIALLY history … eh … guess it got sorta lonely in that two shelf shack with the Brazos river streaming by …

Who will they have teach his seminar on Title IX?

Hey! Don’t knock that law school! Despite the main campus problems, the law school is a great school. And, I was there during the Dave Bliss era, so there were lots of interesting case studies for us to examine and analyze.

I refuse to start a new Baylor topic, so hi-jacking this one. Damn, they must just bring on players that are just flat out $h!tty people left and right.

Just saw this too Bill F – absolutely unreal.

Probably the original intent; doing it this way was just a way to permit him to “save face.” Get out, but do it slowly - in phases, over several months.

This farce is not yet over for Baylor!

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