Kendal Briles Brings the Run Game Back to Houston

The offense is akin to a major league pitcher who can throw pitches at different velocities and with different movement, but from the same pitching motion. Briles’ offenses don’t tip pitches. Like the old wishbone option teams, they require eye and assignment discipline on every play. Forget about the quarterback in the zone read; you’ll give up a big play. Don’t cover the bubble; he’s gone too. Assume the stalk block is coming from the boundary receiver, and he’s by you on a nine route.

For a Briles’ quarterback, it’s a choose your own adventure book, but every option gets to green grass. But the run is the foundation. For defensive coordinators, if you aren’t ready to deal with the smashing machine run game, it will pound you into oblivion.


I am really looking forward to the fall.