Kenneth Farrow sighting

After the game against the Texans. Jeremy Hill went on IR and Rex Burkhead is on concussion protocol. Not the best way to get a second chance with a team but such is life in the NFL.


Yep. You never know when or how your chance will come, so you have to be ready to make the most of it when it happens.


Bill does well with these bruising RBs. I hope the shines. Reuniting with Elandon must be pretty cool though. I’m happy that the best coach in the NFL recognizes the talent, tenacity, and work ethic of athletes from this fine university.


It looks like he signed on to be on the practice squad. Hopefully he gets a chance to be called up to active roster.


I can absolutely see BB being able to utilize his talents. He fits their scheme very well.

Yes, confirmed he signed to practice squad. Minimum salary in 2018, $7600 a week. Can be cut at any time so gotta work hard every day for that paycheck.