Kentucky Derby 2022

I went to the Derby @ 2009. It was a blast.

First/only time I had the “Kentucky Hot Brown”
Its great but sets you back.

Mattress Mac will a “bad beat” in the derby.

Doesn’t he know he is supposed to be leader of the UH NIL slush fund? My goodness……the gall

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Any relation to Red Pollard? He was the jockey that rode Seabiscuit.

Any of you older guys remember Silky Sullivan?

I’m not old enough to have seen Silky run, but I have heard about him ever since I started watching the ponies back in ‘65. I’ve read a lot about him and watched all the film of him I can find. I have always liked the late runner/come from behind horses. The 1991 Derby winner, Strike the Gold, is my all time favorite horse, followed closely by John Henry. My wife and I were lucky enough to see John Henry 2 different times at The Kentucky Horse Park before he moved on to that big oval in the sky.

Doesn’t appear well have a Triple Crown winner this year…

On this day…

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