Kentucky Governor announces Louisville President is stepping down and fires entire BOR

Legal experts said it is unclear whether Bevin, who acted using executive orders, has the authority to fire an entire university board. State law gives Kentucky governors broad discretion to use executive orders to reorganize state agencies, but no court has ever ruled whether universities are covered by that statute, and no governor has attempted to reorganize a college board since the current framework for appointing boards of trustees was enacted in 1991.

Louisville fans are happy with this. Their board was dominated by UK people.

More in depth story regarding what’s going on at Louisville:

After six hours of closed-door deliberations, the board announced late Wednesday that Ramsey will be paid $690,000 and will resign immediately, with an agreement not to sue the school.

Loss of accreditation would mean U of L cannot play in the NCAA, receive no federal financial aid for students, credits from U of L would not transfer and awarded degrees would not be considered valid. American Association of University Professors U of L President Avery Kolers called accreditation the university’s oxygen, labeling SB12 as an attack strangling U of L.