Kerwin Bell?

Kerwin Bell is the Former Gator/NFL quarterback who when retired, won a State championship in 4 years at a high school while coaching Gatorade National player of the year John Brantley. Then won multiple conference championships and lead the country in offense at Jacksonville University! He is now at Valdosta State University and in 3 years he took them to the National Championship In Texas. They went undefeated for the first time and won the National Championship while averaging a nations best 52 points per game. Also they scored the second most points in the history of divison 2! The guy has won every where he as been and his offense is explosive and balanced! Thoughts ?


Some stats found on twitter!

Also have been reading that he is up for the Offensive Coordinator Job at South Florida.

Sounds like an ideal oc for Dana

That’s a helluva find. And a name from the past.

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He sounds like he exactly fits the profile of what I said we should look for —a proven champion at a lower division.


No doubt! He builds programs and has a great offense. Need some one that has proven to build and win championships as a Head Coach!

I saw this guy’s name and immediately remembered those awful florescent lime green jerseys the Orlando Thunder of the WLAF wore when he was a quarterback there.

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