Kev, Tommy, and Arty

No, not a singing group.

Little Kevin is 4-7 at U. of Arizona and finishes 4-8 next Saturday when he visits Az. St.

2 consecutive losing seasons for first time in many years at Wildcat Land. Scoring in past 6 games lowest level in 15 years. Completely destroyed Kahlil Tate’s QB career. Recruiting going not so well.

Tommy has an Alumni group who has heard that Longhorn Football recruiting is Top 10 since they were born.Touchdown Tommy, like others, cannot translate that in to winning on the field.He is 6-5 and one would be hard pressed to find a single Longhorn Fan who wants him back for 2020.

Arty Briles is at Mt. Vernon High School. He made The State Playoff and got a Home Game for the first round. He lost. Probably fairly wealthy due to Baylor pay and buyout Arty no longer is a College coaching genius. He isn’t even a Mt. Vernon genius.

Methinks staying at UH is a pretty good job and that our own Dana Holgerson will discover that.

Go Coogs! Beat Navy and get ready for 2020!


Fool’s Gold = Fool’s Gold. Grass isn’t greener on the other side…they went from potential legends to busts in a few years. You reap what you sow, as the Bible puts it. Now, non would ever be welcomed again here.


Briles did an amazing job at Baylor as a football coach. The circumstances off the field were atrocious.

Herman can go jump in his dumpster fire for all I care.

Sumlin ran out of people to hire. Sumlin had an amazing Rolodex of up and coming coaches that liked working for him. He has former coaches all over the place as head coaches. He just ran out of people and stopped creating new ones. Our current coach coached for him along with everyone’s new favorite son Tony Levine, Southwest Texas’s coach, Arizona Cardinals coach, Nevada’s mans Kansas former head coaches and TSU’s current coach. And each one stripped him of some more folks. He had his run.

Dana Dimel is not doing well either. Helton never had another head coaching job. Jenkins too. Pardee found success in the NFL.

So since Yeoman left and was caught cheating we have not had a lot of successful coaching careers launched.

Winning at Houston does not make you a genius. For all of the things going for us, we should win and win big. The reality is historically we have underperformed given everything we have going for us.

Granted when Briles took over were on our knees.

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We have rewritten offensive record books in three different eras with the Veer, Run N Shoot and Spread.
When we win we have won BIG but have lacked any stability since Yeoman. Sometimes we have even won big without having a really good coach or staff, like with sumlin


Case “cough, cough, cough, ahem” Keenum made Sumlin!!!


Sometimes the greener grass on the other side of the fence is just weeds. Hopefully CDH sees that the U of H pasture is well fertilized on sound ground with limitless potential. That is the way I have always seen it even in lean ears.


Keenum did make Sumlin. Neither Sumlin nor Herman could recruits QBs. THAT is going to be the demise of both before its over.

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Sumlin recruited quite a few to ATm, actually too many.

Herman, not a one.


The ones I remember were Murray and Kyle Allen…then lost both of them.

He did not recruit Manzel.

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We’re still 4-7


He also recruited Kenny Hill and Kellen Mond. He lost Hill too.


Kev is really struggling to recruit at Arizona. And he has the lowest attendance since 1975

The biggest difference between Dana Holgerson and the three coaches you mentioned is that CDH was a head coach prior to arriving at UH.

Briles: RB Coach at Texas Tech
Sumlin: OC at Oklahoma
Tom Herman: OC at Ohio State

Notice a trend?


While we are bashing former coaches, Dana Holgorsen is going to go 4-8 in his first year as UofH head coach. We were better than this under Applewhite. At least we made bowl games. We didn’t win any though.

Seriously !!!

We are having a bad year because of Applewhite and Herman. Holgerson made the right call red shirting all those guys and holding Josh Jones out for the last few games. The team has played hard every game this year which is something you can’t say happened under Applewhite.


Under Applewhite, the teams never appeared prepared. What would Applewhite’s record have been this year? We are 4-7 and the team never gives up even though depleted. We were in most games. We may even finish 5-7.

This years team’s competitiveness has been fun to watch. Not once have I left the stadium/tv feeling embarrassed. Very optimistic re future.


I totally agree with stealth. There have been 8-4 years that I have felt disappointed with. This year I am proud of the team.