Kevin Cook - Cy Fair Report

If you get a chance, go check out fellow Coog @kmichaelcook and his new podcast, the Cy Fair Report. Kevin had been doing the Weekly Brew until recently and always supported the Cougars when they mentioned college sports.

On episode 3 of the Cy-Fair Sports Report, original @CyFairSports guy - Houston Chronicle sportswriter Adam Coleman - joins the show to reminisce about the early days of his Cy-Fair ISD coverage and look at the upcoming year. Michael Florek, of the Dallas Morning News, discusses the UIL and some major statewide stories, including how the Mack Beggs saga has brought trans rights to the forefront of the public consciousness and whether water polo might soon be a UIL-sanctioned sport. The Big Three also look at volleyball and football, which are set to begin very soon.

Cy Springs S Leon O’Neal Jr. (ESPN Top-300) and DT Kolbi Lewis join VYPE’s Thomas Bingham and the Chronicle’s Kevin Cook to talk Panthers football, expectations, culture and what it means to #WakeEmUp.

Leon O’Neal Jr. went from a relatively unheralded upstart to belle of the NCAA recruiting ball in a few quick months. Headed into 2017, O’Neal is a preseason All-American, ESPN Top-300 Player and he says in 3 years, he’s going 1st round, 1st pick in the NFL Draft (to anywhere but the Browns). He set out to #WakeEmUp last year, and you can see if you Google his name: they’re woke.

Moving to the football board to get the word out. If you can, support Kevin as he is a true and loyal Coog.

“It’s not basketball, not real basketball. I love to run.” Cy Falls Sr PG Andrew Nguyen suffered through one of the most torturous basketball games played all year in the 2016 run to the State Title: a triple-overtime, 46-43 slog against Dallas Skyline that featured lengthy, agonizing stretches of players standing in place, doing nothing, tense and at high-alert. One, simple change would render the Skyline approach (slow the game down, hold the ball, pass incessantly and relentlessly around the perimeter and into, then back out of, the post, rinse, repeat; if possible, score, but nbd) unplayable: a shot clock.

The NFHS says a shot clock is too expensive and officially, nationwide, recommends against it. The UIL won’t push for it until its constituent districts and schools do, if then.

Implementing the shot clock would be tough, a profound logistical challenge, but would it be worth it? History, in the form of eight states that elected to ignore the NFHS and institute a shot clock, says it would. Nguyen and Chron’s Kevin Cook discuss how such a transition might work. Give it a listen!

Kevin (@CyFairSports) breaks down the current sports landscape in Cypress post-Harvey and highlights the Harvey Recovery efforts of several Cy-Fair ISD-based sports teams and groups, and outlines ways Cypress residents can help and contribute with the relief efforts.

Then KUBE-57 Sports Director Todd Freed joins the show to talk Cy-Fair Sports, especially the Cy Falls Basketball state title and the KUBE video that made Sam McGuffie a household name.

Back at the lovely Foundry Church, Fry Rd campus for our first episode with football awards to give out. Tune in! We break down which CFISD teams and players had the biggest breakout performances of opening weekend. What have we learned about the district title race and possible playoff teams? ALSO, we didn’t forget volleyball - we name the most impressive offensive and defensive player so far through the VB season. Give it a listen!