Key stats thru 9

15th scoring defense 59.8

19th fg% defense 37.7

28th in rebound margin 7.7

25th total rebounds per game 41.22

8th in 3-point fg defense 26.5

(Btw…Tech is just killing it)

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Tech’s got Duke neutral court Thursday night. We’ll find out some things about both teams.

I have a feeling Tech is going to throttle them. Just a feeling.

Man i watched duke’s game against the Zags Last month and before the game KNEW that the zags were gonna win. Experience et cet. But after the game was over i thought, ‘in three months Duke might be unbeatable’. Well it might have just taken a month, cause 6 games later Duke is smoothin out the wrinkles.

This could be a pre-NC matchup…and I’m not joking.

Texas Tech has looked awesome so far :eyes: That Duke vs Tech game at Madison Square Garden matchup will be really good. UH played Tech even earlier; Corey Davis sounded like they won the scrimmage without Fabian White.

Sampson really put a lid on that srimmage. I’m assuming he wants that to continue for a few years.

If we did play that even…and its pure speculation…then it tells me as much as I need to know about the toughness of this team.