Khator tells faculty UH did 'additional review' before hiring ex-Baylor coaches

“Our values of mutual respect and accountability are clear,” she wrote in an email to faculty. “Our expectations of an environment that is free of harassment, discrimination and fraud are even clearer…It is up to us – individually and collectively – to uphold these values.”


Bring on the wins and maybe Kendall will take over as head coach in a couple of years.

Goodness knows if we win that other programs will come after briles and not applewhite.


She’ll be making these statements a lot. Hopefully, KB procves her right.

I thought I was the only one who suspected this whole situation as a try out for CKB regarding the head position. Hmmmmmmm sneaky…

lol He either does, or faces jail time, I’d imagine.

If there were skeletons to be found, he wouldn’t have signed a contract with his Alma Mater with a fired for cause clause. There isn’t anything there.

As far as UH getting a black eye over his hiring? It takes about 2-4 weeks to heal from a black eye and that time will soon pass.

I’m one happy Coog fan.


Disagree. Many will not get over this. I respect you are happy with the hire. In purely football X’s and O’s it’s a great hire. The whole picture? Well it’s problematic for many. I hope you will respect those who disagree with you. Respect is the key.


I agree with your analysis.
However, it is time to move on from the speculation. This constant barrage of negativity, over what might have happened with KB, does no one any good. Especially our athletes. For those who want to tie their support of this program, to these hires, ok. We will miss you. The rest of us will trust the process and RK, that they got it right. Go Coogs.


It disturbs me that you and I had the same suspicions, xsmith. :wink:


I can’t give you enough likes for your post. LOVE dumb and dumber!

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Thanks @Coog1 for your thoughts. Problem is, it’s not that black and white. Not everyone who disagrees with the hire are abandoning the team. I am not. However, the mixed feelings, the concern will remain. You think folks won’t take shots at us when we win? Folks hoping it just will go away are likely to be disappointed.

It’s important COOGS work on respecting each other. The weekend the hire came out was the ugliest experience for me in Coog history and I lived thru Helton and Dimel. I for one have a great deal of respect and trust in Khator and I still disagree with the decision primarily for how it tore the fanbase the part and the image it projects.

That being said, i support players and my U. I can hold my position and still support.

It’s likely we win a lot of games this coming year. That doesn’t make the hire right or wrong in my mind. One thing as moderators and owners we won’t tolerate on here is Coogs attacking each other and gloating, etc.

The discussion and tone we are having here and now in this thread are welcomed.

Guys, we once took a transfer player who shot someone, we took a basketball player who was accused of sexual assault, we have taken chances on players who have actually done the wrong things. I don’t think it is a bad thing for taking a guy who didn’t rat out his dad; most people can understand that. The sanctimonious few that will get on their self-righteous soap boxes don’t matter much to most people. They may have their own skeletons if they were as thoroughly vetted.

Unless someone can actually produce hard evidence of wrongdoing by CKB – not hearsay – I’m not worrying about it.


My personal feelings and being the father of two girls made me question the hire. Mrs. Khator’s comments changed my mind. I 100% support her for the human being that she is and for what she has done for our University. It is easy to question but she sure is in a much better position than anyone of us to make that decision. Just take a pause and weigh the entire picture. She has much more to lose with this hire. Would she make this decision if she was not fully on board with it?
Let’s go friends.


What does a 18-22 year old making dumb decisions have to do with Kendal Briles? He’s a grown man in a position of authority. Needs to be held to a higher standard.

If a UH player ends up sexually assaulting a student on campus, we are going to get raked over the coals. They will point to the culture created by hiring someone closely affiliated with the Baylor scandal. I would say that’s a bit of a stretch to argue, but the perception will be there.

I honestly wouldn’t have any issue with the hire if Kendal Briles would say Art did wrong at Baylor. But because he still supports him, I can’t support anyone who will hire him.

I have no ill will toward those who wish to continue to watch. I just feel weird supporting it.

Thank you for coming over and posting Ms. Ellis. You do good work over at the Chronicle.

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Some of you guys need to stop being snowflakes. KB hire will not do a thing to UH’s national reputation. To be honest nobody cares. Espn et al will write a few stories to get some clicks ( which for the most part has already been done) and then they will move on to the next story.


I understand your stance on this but the problem is that you are forgetting that people make their own choices regardless of who the coach is or who is even their parent.

KB never recruited those players and said go rape some girls. Nor can he sit there and hold their hand through every life decision. Maybe these players don’t have father figures. Who is to say it’s not their fault.

Coaches should give guidance but it is up to each person to make their own decisions. Whether that is school/studying, drinking, doing drugs, or sexual activity.

I understand and agree with your morality concern and my daughter would never step foot on Baylor, but no one is responsible for the morality of others. God gave everyone free will and we all make our own choices good or bad. In the end we will all have to stand before him in judgment and accept our fate. I think none of us have all the facts to place judgment and if he is in the wrong time will get him. At that point only you can pass verified judgment.

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It was a very risky decision. If anything comes out that we don’t know, it will certainly call into question the double checking we said we did and certainly paint us as uncaring or at the very least, tone deaf.

Here is to KB being an incredible OC and we win big and nothing else comes out.



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The soap box heroes that abandon the team based on zero evidence of wrong doing are only serving themselves and have no facts to support their decision. Some are calling us to respect that. No. Self righteous self serving behavior based on the need to prove yourself right doesn’t deserve respect. Sorry not sorry. Bye.