King cashes in on NIL

Dana is such a genius.

King is one of the Heisman favorites. If he has a solid year, he may be a 1st or 2nd round draft pick


According to the front page article in today’s Chronicle, the first UH player to cash in is Chandler Smith. He has so many followers on various social media, he is estimated to make $91,634.00 annually off his workout videos. he has 6 million followers for his 10 second tik tok video.


Chandler also has a modest following on YouTube as well.

Good for King. Good for Chandler.


DH needed a QB that could play and execute his system not a dual threat superstar QB. Let’s all get in line now.

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Wow just think what our Aussie puntah could have done under this setup !


It’s his money, but he could donate a portion of his initial deal to the Miami condo collapse victims fund, it would be a solid look for him.

You could argue the families will be compensated regardless, but it would be a good gesture for the city.

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King played poorly for 4 games and then quit but you blame CDH.


Instead of hating on the guy who played poorly then quit on his team you want to blame our head coach.



Good Luck with that as he’s still looking for one that can WIN! as consistently as King did under Applewhite Lol.

I mean the guy playing QB right now for our beloved Coogs hasn’t fared any better but worse, and our coach hasn’t proven to be a winner two years later, still!!!

How about we wait after this season before we trash talk.


It is not trash talk.
Saw the guy when he was here, saw him in Miami and have seen our program up close for many years.
I have noted the good and bad from all parties.
The silliness for some to go out of their way to lay blame.


You are gosh darn right Dana is to blame for not being able to coach King and and running him off. And what do we have to show for it? Nothing. Dog poop offense. Our only hope is that we might have the easiest schedule in FBS football this season. And all the apologists are going to be screaming I told you so if we go 8-4 with this schedule - which would actually be a failure.


Geez. Speechless for the amount of hate displayed by some.


How many conference titles did King lead us too? King is at a much better place for him, better offensive line and an offense more suited to his style.
He was not doing well here at all and then dissed his school and teammates because he wasn’t going to cut it in this type of offense.
That said, congrats for King cashing in and hoping he has a great career as a pro receiver…


We got a player to be named later with the Williams and King Trade. And it was a kicker. So not all was lost and we have Bubba the kicker to show for it.

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We have 3 conference titles in the last 35 years so that is a giant bar to hold over a coog qb’s head.


Be honest, considering everything, do you think King would have done any better the past two years than Tune? I think he bailed because he knew what was coming…I really doubt seriously our record would have been any better with King and he might have gotten hurt here…


I truly believe yes. Probably a couple per season from just shear scrambling and keeping defenses extremely honest. Like ward used to. Ward wasn’t going to Trevor Lawrence a defense. Neither was King. But the ability to create.

This is what we miss. The chance to extend and have a chance. Tune is a good kid, but there is not a defensive coordinator worried about his extending the field and the play.

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