King is a stud. You exposed our defense

I think you’re going to a better season than some on here believe. Piss poor officiating both ways. Entertaining game in a lot of ways. Good luck the rest of the year. Myself and a lot of Coug fans will be pulling for the Coogs from afar.


Good luck to you. I hope that y’all win the PAC and go to the playoffs.


That might be the worst officiating I’ve ever seen… There is no reason why they should have overturned the completion to Corbin in the 3rd on the field without reviewing and then the next play they missed the targeting/helmet to helmet hit on King with a review!!! WTF!!!


My stream of consciousness after returning from the game and sleeping on it:
WSU o line was much better than UH d line. Only guy to get consistent pressure was our #90. WSU qb is either an upperclassman or it was a function of lack of pressure. Poised and accurate passer.

WSU was able to cover UH recovers much closer than UH’s DBs on WSU receivers. Two long TDs : looked like WSU receivers were a step or two faster, coupled with confusion (no safety on top) and a very accurate pass equals TD. Kings pass windows were much smaller - WSU DBs were able to close the gap on the throw and stay close to receiver much better than UH. UH did a good job tackling and hitting on the catch but WSU receivers were able to hold onto the catch, so kudos to them for that.
The missed INT on the goal line (granted it would have been an exceptional play) followed by their 95 yard drive was a killer. UH pass rush needs work-you can’t let a qb get that comfortable. They need to disguise pressure and run delayed blitzes more often- towards the end I felt like we needed to take some risk and man up with one safety and attempt to disrupt their passing game. It could’ve backfired sure but we needed to take some more risk to have a chance to win the game.

WSU run defense needs work and will need to get better. Interesting for me to see how Leach feels a defense needs to play an air raid offense. Saw lots of presnap movement by their dline and dbs. The goal is to screw up the presnap read. Pass rush is difficult to gauge as they may have been trying to contain King and maintain pass rush lane integrity. 13 spied King most of the night; I think they wanted to try to make sure King beat them by throwing. The hold penalty negated a wonderful King run but it is exhibit A for their “contain King, don’t let him run” defensive scheme.

I felt like we got away from the run a bit too soon despite 200 yards rushing. Running effectively would have opened up the passing game. As it usually does, it came down that they executed better and won.


I thought the three guys on our D line put on a strong performance. They muscled their way in against five or six blockers on every play. That is two of our three were double teamed on every play. That is
on the coaches not the young men playing for us…


Yes, they did well against double teams, but were still not getting to the QB. We needed a 4 or 5 man rush. It was when we added Anenih to the rush that we sacked their QB (who BTW wasn’t sacked all last year or in 1st 2 games this year).