I always appreciated the kissing that Tom Herman did for the players. In fact I appreciate it so much I’m going to find him in Austin and see if he’s got one more kiss in him. One kiss left to kiss my ass!


The kissing part was always a bit off putting and uncomfortable for me to see, just me.


Well I hope Perrin tells him that if he is going to double lip lock the horns that he has to give Bevo the same attention and not on the same end where his horns reside

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Someone should Photoshop Coach Herman kissing bevo hahaha!

We had BABS for Briles & Scumlin for Sumlin. Any ideas what we should nick name CTH when we refer to him in the future.

Well I have seen this elsewhere and I am still laughing

Hermroid … :blush:


I’ll go with Hemroids. LOVE IT! First Babs, then Scumlin, now Hemroids. A long line of liars.