K'Lavon Chaisson, #54 on ESPN 300, has UH #2 on his Top 10

Local kid from North Shore; also rated the #5 DE in the nation. Would be great to pair him with Ed Oliver.


Speaking of Ed Oliver, he quoted Chaisson’s tweet with this:

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Just the fact that we are on the lists of highly recruited guys like this is a testament to how far we have come.

If we were to get him and Big Ed together–those guys would have a field day. Opposing teams couldn’t double team them both.

We are in for some historically great years.

UH @ #2 with a list “in order”…and the only other Texas school is UT at #10. He has an impressive list of offers – congrats to him for his work / ability.

Would be great to land a commitment from this young man. Let’s prove he should be a Cougar by beating OU like sooner is a synonym for rag doll.

It would be awesome if we can flip him from OU by beating them in September.

Looks like he could use some more Cougar love on Twitter. Just sayin.

2002Coog said, “It would be awesome if we can flip him from OU by beating them in September.”

The young man hasn’t committed to OU yet, so he’s still in play. We just need to convince him that this is his best choice, which is the truth. His family is here and can easily come to the games. Somehow, I think CTH can use his salesmanship prowess on the young man to help him see the light.

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Yeah, was just referring to the fact that his list was in order and he had OU above us.

8 spots ahead of the whorns, heck yes.



Man, if UH can get this guy, this class would be AWESOME! No matter who else coach gets with the other ships. It would set UH nicely on defense. Oliver and Chaisson would be nice cornerstones to the defense. Imagine the pass rush. His best position would be OLB in a 3-4 scheme due to his body built (tall & rangy). He is also very athletic and fast to the QB. Top 25 class if he signs with UH. Beat OU!

In the mold of the 2016 1st round pick from Georgia, Leonard Floyd.

I went to 247 and used their class calculator. I added Chaisson, Peevy and Stiner for our last 3 scholarships. Our points total increased to 184.

Since 2012, 184 points would have rated between 44th and 50th in the nation.

Of course, 247 does not count Tren Dickson, Chris Johnson, Dane Roy in this class so it underrates the class.

Plus, our commits could be upgraded throughout the year as more offers roll in and more evaluations are done.

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You have a point. But I have a feeling this will be a 25+ player recruiting class. Last yr’s class was only 20 player deep.

Dickson, Roy and Johnson all count against the 2017 limit of 25.

So we are at 21 already. Not much room left.

Early enrollees can count toward the 2016 class so there is leeway to add 5 2017 early enrollees if 2016 was 20 deep.

Nope. We used all the 2016 scholarships.

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Finally watch some video on this kid. Dude looks extremely athletic and agile. He is going to cause problems coming off the edge. Hopefully he comes to Houston. Fingers crossed. A big senior season can propel him into 5 star status. Don’t know how accurate this is, but on his hudl page it said he had 21 sacks last season. WOW.



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I keep hearing UH may be the leader now. That would make back to back awesome classes.

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