Kliff Kingsbury's worst loss as a coach?

You’ll never guess :weary:

Late field goals, penalties and referee controversy: Coaches talk worst losses

_Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech:? Southern Miss 49, Houston 28, 2011 _
I was at the University of Houston in 2011, we were 12-0, we were going to go to the Sugar Bowl and we lost in the Conference USA championship game at home to Southern Miss. We were really good. We should’ve went undefeated and we kinda choked. That one still haunts me, yeah.

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And yet he followed the coach who was responsible for that loss to agi. Hmmm…was he taking the blame or was he sucking up any ill feelings for more $$ and the SEC limelight when he hailed the call from summie?

It was a choke job. When you look how easy UH took care of Penn St on the following game.

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It’s perfectly normal for the head coach to be at a gentleman’s club the Thursday before a conference championship game…


Yep… you sure did choke, pretty boy. You and that HC coach of yours. Good riddance to both of ya!!!

Sure wasn’t haunting the man when he was recruiting for A&M using UH’s telephones

Yes, summie checked out for that game, not unlike briles did against tulsa a while back.

It still haunts me too, Kliff! Now I’m a little pissed off just thinking about that game! I wanted to throw up.

You know what else… Kliff, that’s the closest you will ever get to being in a BCS/NY6 bowl again. You should be haunted, because there isn’t a chance in hell TT has a shot at one of those no matter how long you’re there. That was your one chance.

Man, that ticks me off!

Yeah, this one still hurts too. Dang…I just can’t…

2015 took some of that sting out though. Go Coogs!

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