Kobe dies in helicopter accident

It is being reported Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter accident.

Been confirmed, horrible man. Feel bad for his family.

4 daughters. One is 7 months old. Unreal news.

I said it in the other thread but if I am singer, athlete, actor, or a band member I am never flying in a helicopter. A big country music star died a couple years ago in one as well.

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The popular way for rich people to get around. Especially get around Southern California. Damn.

I was really hoping the news wasn’t true. Sad day.

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Seemed like he was really enjoying his retirement too.

Rumored that his 13 year old, Gigi was in the helicopter too. :pensive:

And confirmed. Just horrible


This thing we call life is crazy, but beautiful. You just never know when your number is going to be called.


Dont get me wrong it is sad but can Jeremy stop on the radio with how the arena was somber because of Kobe death. It was a blowout and that as why it was not as loud. Kobe has no affiliation to UH or Houston. Most fans might be shocked by it but not in mourning during a UH game.

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Doesn’t even feel right talking about basketball today. My heart just isn’t in it today. I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this way.


I get he is a great player but he was not basketball by himself. In fact if you think about it, since he loved basketball like he did, not talking or participating in it becuse of his death probably not something he would want.



Doesn’t have to be a Coog…I am sad and horrified that Koby and daughter died today.


Incredible player but, never having met him, my sense is that he was much more than that. In addition to other philanthropic efforts, he and his wife started a foundation to help youth and families in need. I was always impressed with Dear Basketball, for which he won an Oscar. Remarkably poignant. The link is below:

Prayers for his family.


I will say that the daughter dieing is what makes it extra terrible news. It be hard for a family with the death of a father and husband but with the addition of a child dieing it makes it unfathomable. My earlier point was more directly basketball related because it is sad news.



You will never get me up in one of those. RIP Kobe.


Confirmed…Former UH baseball player John Altobelli among those killed with Kobe Bryant in helicopter crash, his daughter was also onboard.