Kyle Allen and the Texans

It’s easier being a Coog than a Houston Texans fan… which I am not!

Thought I would watch Kyle after his words mentioning UH…

Man, the Texans suck!

Plenty of Texans on offense, nothing happens but Miami scores so quickly they are constantly kicking to The Texans…

I will try to watch till halftime unless I puke first.

forgot he was playing so just checked the stats…

he is 10-16 for 49 yards and 1 int

how do you complete 10 passes and only have 49 yards?


It don’t look that good. He is rushed too much to add touch to short cross patterns and gets blind sided open gates all the time.

The Texans have to die to get better…

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They’ve went from losing, but having a chance, to being downright awful.


This might be the worst professional sports team in Houston history. That includes the tanking Astros and the tanking Rockets. At least they were trying to be bad.


The Texans need a rebrand. New uniforms, colors, etc. I wouldn’t even be totally opposed to a new name. If the owner could sell, that would be even better. Maybe Elon Musk could put in a bid.

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Kyle is worse than Davis but I already knew that. Texans just looking for a spark.

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He is playing better. Maybe they are playing for fun now. That helps!

Actually looking pretty good

2 TDs ptas were for 2, one rush read and stopped, another pass to #76 who used to pay for Miami… he didn’t catch though but is grinning ear to ear.

Fun… when you suck playing for fun is better play… 13 or 14 straight completions for Kyle.

Go Kyle Go

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last bad team/owner moved to Tennessee

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While defense looks better I am not watching closely because I am watching a former Coog.

When they are on the defense I am watching a very capable perp in a California car chase

30-15 Miami, Texans with the ball…

I was hoping Tillman would adopt the Cougars as his Pro team. Mattress Mack just adopted the basketball program. Why not?

There was a reason no one signed Kyle Allen that would give him a chance to start. He is just an older Davis Mills. I guess we forgot when he was UH when he got benched the offense improved.

Texans have 3 or 4 first round picks on the offensive line and they are garbage……the last two weeks especially.

Several times KA had pressure immediately……and not talking about a blitz of any kind….

71 is just collecting a check……if any of you have it recorded focus on him for a couple of series and you’ll see what I mean….

And Green should not be this “green” as a mid first round interior lineman….he looks like a project that was a 7th round pick.

Caserio also screwed the pooch taking Stingley over Sauce….Harris has consistently been ranked as one of the lowest scored linebackers every week since he got healthy……

Other than Pierce it’s a crappy draft….

Wasting picks plus 85M in dead cap space and second rate coaches….

Great work so far by Caserio.

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That’s bull.

The genius coaching staff had him splitting reps even this week!!!

So he is supposed to come out with virtually no work with the 1’s , garbage offensive line and play like Josh Allen?

I’m not saying he is going to be great or even serviceable…… but you can’t make that statement after one game on the road with barely any prep.

For whatever reason, Texans fans sure are committed. The standards of fandom are different there than at UH.

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After watching the AAC game I was mad as hell we took Stingley over Sauce. I feel like Stings career will be short because he is injury prone.

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Texans should pay the Adams family and get the Oilers name back, the Texans Suck


And then made it to a Super Bowl

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