Kyler Murray debut vs Chargers

Kyler Murray is looking good out there…

I’m just sayin D’Eriq King…


If King has a good game against OU and looks solid this season, he will be a top ranked QB going into the draft.


Sorry Coogs… but I wasn’t impressed with KM against Raiders… Gruden had his number pegged… Gruden blitzed him every play… hahaha… I could of told you that was going to happen… Screens of forward Laterals should of been in the game plan for KM…Maybe Coach H should have those plays practiced for OU and WSU just Incase they start blitzing… which is expected…OU still remembers NRG Stadium where UH had them spinning like a top…”which way did he go???”… hahaha… that was an awesome game and man LOUD!!!.. so much fun at bands battling … Go Coogs Band…you all are Awesome!!!


Murray could be in for a long, long year.

Cards OL is rancid. (almost as bad as the Texans)

They got no OL help until the 6th round in the draft.

Run game should be non existent, Murray will have a long year running for his life.

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Offensive Line Rankings
32-21 | 20-11 | 10-1

32. Houston Texans

Well, it didn’t take long to find the Texans, lol