LA papers - QB competition is over

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Case has it and should be able to keep it for a while at least. As long as his performance is the determinate and not the investment of money and draft picks made for Goff, I am confident he will carry the Rams a long way this fall.

Case’s challenge is that the receiving corps of LA leaves a lot to be desired. If they perform this year it will be entirely due to Case Keenum’s refusal to let them be mediocre.

I think the media is finally slowly starting to turn towards favoring Case. I heard a podcast today from a LA radio station that was more complimentary than before.

Now that they have a team they want Ws. Those guys aren’t stupid and they know that their best chance to win games is with Keenum at QB.

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You’re wrong. They are stupid. Up until the second game they’ve only been talking about Goff and anointing him the king of qbs