LA Rams Embrace UH’s “Whose House” Chant

Might as well use this opportunity as a chance to raise money for the New Football Facility courtesy of the LA Rams


My high school in Texas was using “whose house? Our house!” chants in 2003. Origins of it? IDK

The Rams have been using it ever since they came back to LA in 2016.
Case Keenum was the QB and he may have started it.


UH has appropriated other teams chants for who knows how long. I remember seeing the Go Big Red placards waved by the cheerleaders back in the dome.

Trademark something new then license it.

But I wonder if whose house is originally ours to trademark.

Yeah I’m thinking Keenum brought it over.

Now UT tried to use it once Twitter did not like it

Still waiting to trademark:

-Coogs’ House
-Sack Ave

Jack Boyz is owned by Coog, so we at least have that one.


Third ward defense ?


Think again. San Diego used Jack Boyz a few years ago too.

From Coog great Adrian McDonald


As for the rights to the Jack Boyz name, now that I think about it, I’m not 100% it is trademarked, but I do know Trevon Stewart had a website a while back that had clothing.

Whose House was started by cheerleader Paul Pettit in the late 80s. He borrowed it from Run DMC’s “Run’s House”. And yes, I was there.

The “Eat 'Em Up” band fight song is used at many schools, and I heard it quite a bit this last football season at various team’s home games.

The song “Touchdown” which is played after after scores, etc. all over the country, was also written by Bill Moffitt, who penned “Eat 'Em Up.”

We have plenty of traditions here that are our own, much to the chagrin of the party poopers and perpetually cynical here on this board.

EDIT: Just read the article in the OP, and pretty much word for word on what I said.


Great info Jason, thanks !!!

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Run DMC got the inspiration for the record Run’s House while performing live at Madison Square Garden. They joked with the crowd that MSG was their house and the place went crazy. The record doesn’t address that, but that is how it started.


Purdue basketball … (whose house?)

Pretty neat light show effect using the crowd’s cell phones.