LA Rams Embrace UH’s “Whose House” Chant


Cease and Desist!


Yea I saw that, my son turned to me and said dad their using your schools chant. I said we need to sue them for use.


I liked how the PA announcer led it and the whole crowd yelled it in unison. Bob Ford should do that at TDECU, similar to the “Whose Ball, Coog’s Ball” at the basketball game.




For that, I hope they lose! For one thing the Rams aren’t cats. So why are they copying us? The Bengals are definitely cats, just like the Coogs! So go Bengals!

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The Coogs might not have invented the chant, but the Coogs were the first to use it in sporting events and the ones that made that chant popular in sports. So the Coogs should still get some major credit for being the first to use that chant in sports. Without the Coogs using it since 1988 who can honestly say that that chant would be popular today? With all that have been said, I do think “Sack Avenue” is invented by the Coogs and so we better get that phrase copyrighted. The same with “Third Ward D.”


“Who’s House, Rams House” …one second. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: (puking uncontrollably)

At least ours somewhat rhymes.

Everyteam with a one sylable name, could do this chant. “Who’s House, Jets House”

“Who’s House, Bills House”.

But they don’t do the chant, cause they’re not stupid


Didn’t the Aggies sue the Seattle Seahawks for using the “12th Man” and the Aggies ended up with a very nice settlement to allow them to continue?

Maybe we can do the same and use that money for stadium upgrades or the football facility we are trying to build .

If we don’t get money at least we will get our name out there for trying. Million of non UH people will learn that is OUR chant and tradition .

Turn this into a huge marketing opportunity!


“Bobcat” Fight Never Dies started at Cy-Fair High School, and now others integrate “Fight Never Dies” into their “own” mantra.

Here’s something you didn’t know. How many times has “We Will Rock You” been played at sporting events? Guess what. It started at Cy-Fair High School as the music entry for the basketball team when they took to the floor. This was the Fall of 1977 right on the heels of the release of the “News of The World” album.


Kerrville Toby high school in the hill country uses same thing, Tivy fight never dies, ask Johnny Manziel about it lol

Funny in that the first person to ever use the chant at a Coogs game that I remember is a 49ers fan.

I wonder if we trademarked the chant or if it was universally used so we couldn’t.

IF we did trademark it, we can’t stop random fans from chanting it but putting it up on the ribbon boards, having the PA announcer yell it, or putting in on t-shirts would be a direct violation of OUR trademark.

Again, did we trademark the chant?

I highly doubt we trademarked it, and there isn’t much we can do about people using it

There is if we trademarked it. We can’t stop people from yelling it but we can block the Rams organization from having anything to do with it or pay us a settlement.

I would hope we had someone that was smart enough to trademark it…we have it on t-shirts, signs , etc.

If we have NOT we better trademark Whose Ball today!

Well said Coogster !

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Pez has other pressing issues to deal with but you can be sure he has “contacts” with the Rams franchise. The sports operations industry is a small world.

Remember “Hoops there it is” tons of teams, schools use it or still use it.

We can trade mark our spelling for the chant.

Whoose house? Coogs house.

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I look at it this way.

First, the NFL is a copycat league. Second, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Third, it’s in the public domain. While the Rams may be the most visible, I would be willing to bet that they’re not the only one using it. Fourth, Whoose house? With a double oo might be trademarkable, the single I would think it is doubtful.

We’re trendsetters. We have been for years. Who was the first to perform an endzone dance? Our own college HOF’er Elmo Wright. The eat 'em up chant was started by us. We have the cougar paw hand sign. Arizona State has the pitchfork.


We could join the PAC in 5 years and all the West Coast fans would accuse us of stealing the Rams chant.