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It was almost impossible to find since about 99.99% of the comments were about Goff and others. It seemed that Case did not even exist. Well on Monday at least some comments on Case. It must be a slow day.

Case Keenum Battles Hard Knocks’ Myth-Making, Refuses to Give In to the Overblown Jared Goff Love

That’s another thing about Keenum’s quiet rise from the dismissed to NFL starter: He’s doing it with the worst group of receivers in professional football. No matter. Keenum keeps making plays. Just like he did when Bill O’Brien gave him a brief chance with the Houston Texans. Just like he did while shattering the NCAA’s all-time passing records at the University of Houston. Heck, just like he did at Wylie High School in little Abilene, Texas.

Ex-Houston Cougar Case Keenum The Man in L.A.

According to Fisher, Case is still clearly ahead of Jared and is moving on with him as the starter for the time being. Goff came at a high price after the Rams gave up 6 picks to move up in the draft. Though Goff comes with high expectations, Fisher is managing the qb situation in a win first approach letting his rookie sit and learn as much as he can. Jared Goff might one day be the guy the Rams have been looking for, but for now, Case Keenum is the man in LA

Go Case!!!

Tonight Case was in for the first two drives – two scoring drives with crips passes and good running by the backs. Gurley had a TD run on first drive and Case threw a TD pass on second. Then its time to watch the rest of the guys from the sideline; Case has shown he is in command of the situation.

Oh, Goff came in and fumbled on his second play. Goff’s first play was a incomplete pass that hit the receiver as he was turning, more of a timing thing than inaccurate pass.

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Personally, I hope Case has a big year with the Rams and then moves on to a team that sees a future with him. Screw this “placeholder” for Goff stuff. Do you know how many O-Linemen and WRs the Rams could have drafted for what they gave up to draft Goff? The Rams made their bed with Goff. Let them live with it, good, bad, of indifferent.


Case and Goff miked up for the game against the Cowboys
(Case was miked up until Goff took over and then Goff had it the rest of the game)

Bonsignore: Case Keenum is preparing like he’s the long-range starter for the Rams

Keenum brought a swagger and fire missing from the laid-back Foles, and with his teammates following his lead they rallied to a strong final kick. Keenum’s superior intangibles weren’t lost on the Rams decision makers, but by trading Bradford for Foles and then giving Foles a contract extension, there were compelling reasons to stick with him.

A little bit more attention…

Quarterback Case Keenum talks about the win over the Chiefs


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I’m with you. It’s a shame Case has to keep proving himself over and over - more than is reasonable. But if he succeds in LA he will become trade bait and the Rams will be forced to deal him to move up Goff. They basically emptied their bank account to get Goff, so that’s the way it will play. Talk about pressure! That guy’s going to really feel it. Here’s hoping Case can finally find a home.

Case Keenum: I’m playing the best football I’ve ever played in my life (LISTEN)

“I heard someone say one time, that they play not to prove people wrong, but to prove that people in their lives that believe in them right. It’s always nice to have a little chip on your shoulder and to prove people wrong, but really it’s more important to me, all those coaches and family members that believe in me since I was a little kid that have been there every step in the way to prove them right. It’s more important for me to do that.”

Great stuff Patrick,

Fred Roggin is a legend on tv and on radio in So Cal. He is one of the most qualified sports talk show host that you can find. Leean Tweeden is not only beautiful but she actually has a brain. Great interview, I loved it.

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That was a fun interview. I’d hate to see it, from a purely selfish reason as I want him to come back and coach, but Case could probably have a long, productive career in broadcasting. Just has a charisma about him that would play well.

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Nice article 92010. Case will win them over in the end.

Here’s another one from ESPN today:

Jared Goff gets the hype, but Case Keenum remains Rams’ starter

“Because I am,” Keenum said. “And that’s the way I’m going to treat it. And even if I’m not, that’s how I’m going to treat it. To be ready to go. In my own mind. Maybe not in everybody else’s mind, but I’ve treated it like that ever since I was a kid.”

We all know that the third pre-season game is usually what makes up the final decision when it comes to the final roster. This is also the game that looks as close to a regular season game. The Broncos still have an amazing defense. I was curious on how Case was going to handle the different kind of blitzes that Wade would throw at him. When you compare all three pre-season games, comparing opponents Case had a solid game. Numbers do not lie, he has progressed immensely in the last few months. Funny how a training camp/pre-season can do for you as a starter…You can see that the OL is in “synch” with Case and both are reacting to one another. That is critical for his success. I liked the coverage that he has had. The sack that he took is both a blown assignment/coverage and one where he will want it back. Miller has “mastered” this play. He has done it against newton, Brady and many, many others. At the same time Case protected the ball and no turn over happened. That is something where the entire offense can work on. Just think how the Panthers played against the same defense. What I am waiting on now is how the playbook will look like when they actually use it to its full potential. Goof and Mannion run some plays that gives us a few indications that Case will be able to showcase his deep accuracy. I also want to see Gurley catching the ball. Only then will the Rams have reached a new “gear”. Keep them guessing as they say or never show you hand too soon. Cliche but the best offense is the one that keeps the opposing defense coordinator guessing.

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