LA Times: the Greg Flugaur story

I know some of us on here don’t take Greg Flugaur serious, but apparently he’s getting national attention about his “inside sources”.

Very interesting article.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day…Whatever


He’s a fun read and not that much of a self-promoter. Plus he says nice things about the Coogs. He has as much credibility as some of the so-called experts. Give me Flugar over Thamel or Dodds any day of the week. They all have about the same rate of accuracy and Flugar is a lot more likable. :sunglasses:


Yeah pretty much seems like an ok guy. Likes us for the most part. You don’t have to take him seriously, but he’s less of a jerk than others.


Sometimes people have access by the powers that be purposely, to spread information informally and disinformation. It’s something thats been going on since time immemorial… Obviously he has and been given access

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I hear Mrs Flugar has a really nice basement.