Lack of Reporting

It is Sunday and there is no report about the scrimmage this weekend. You can go to just about every other conference team’s sight and get some general information about how practices are going.

When there is no or little information, perception is that things are not going well. People will normally assume the negative.

There are so many story lines for this season that could be discussed both from the training camp perspective and the analysis perspective of Duarte as the beat writer. But none are present. For example:

1.) D’Onofrio - will he rejuvenate his career with UH after Miami
2.) Will the defense keep the aggressive approach of Orlando or be less aggressive and more read
3.) Brian Johnson second stint at OC. Is he ready?
4.) Linebackers - how is the battle going for replacement of Taylor and Bowser? Are the heir apparents Egube and Hines holding their own? Are the being pushed by others?
5.) Who is stepping up at the corner positions? Is Johnson make a smooth transition? Is he challenging?
6.) How is the offensive line doing this fall? Are they matching up well with the 1st defensive line?
7.) How is the quarterback battle going? Is it a race for the backup position or is Postma and King pushing Allen for the top spot?

The above are without thinking. My opinion, without any news coming out is something is not going well.

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it was a closed scrimmage, the whole idea is no reporting…
They had a good article on coach Pope and the progression of the running backs in the paper…


All the scrimmages are closed. Even the other schools in conference. I am talking about some information. You don’t have to give all the secrets away to give some insight into how camp is going, how competition is going for various positions. How things are progressing.

Go read some of the other schools sites. As a fan you get some perspective of what is going on.

We got information when Herman was here. A lot more close to the vest when Levine was here.

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I doubt players and coaches would gather for a family brunch day and pictures in uniforms if thing’s were as gloom as your imagination foresees.

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Frankly hearing about players getting injured, losing a blue stripe, suspensions, is all we should need to hear. Hearing about how individuals are doing only leads to speculation and arguments. I don’t care who the starters are or who is having good or bad practices. All I care about is that the Coogs are ready to play 3 weeks from now.

Now if things like major injures, suspensions, players transferring or not showing up to campus did not get reported, that would be something to be concerned about.


Posted a few things over in the 2nd scrimmage thread; came from one of the Communications interns over in the AD. Posted rushing stats and later said that the rest would be released later (my guess is tomorrow).

He also chatted with Joey Broback from Underdog Dynasty and gave his thoughts about the Coogs. Said the defense looked great Saturday and the RBs and WRs have a ton of depth. Had concerns about QB, OL, and TE, but also mentioned that having to go against the UH DL made things tough.


Thank you. I saw the thread. I have to believe that another year of experience, weight room that the OL will be better. I also believe Scelfo is an upgrade in the line coaching.

Regarding going against our front seven has good and bad.

Good: The OL will not face a tougher front seven than this during the season.
Bad: QBs could develop bad habits from the pressure of the front seven. (footwork, leaving the pocket too soon, etc.(

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Let’s trust our Coaches. It was closed for good reasons. It gives the Coaching staff a good idea of where we are right now. You always want to improve and everyone on the squad knows that. Our Qb’s can’t face our DL? Again we have no idea if this was the case.
A competitor, a good player becomes better when he/she faces challenges. What types of rules were put in place in this scrimmage? We do not know but if Allen and others saw Oliver chasing them this will only make them better. Our OL has to grow up and take a major step. It seems as if they bulked up in the off season. Now it is the field not the sweat room. Greg’s play was not a good indication on how sub par/mediocre/bad our OL has been. You can be certain that we are going to get tested very early with Kyle at the helm. Just think at the difference of style between the two. That is why I won’t dismiss Kyle Postma pushing Allen to the limit. What matters is that our Team is ready for UTSA.


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