Landon 'Sunshine' Goesling


You’ve got to be kidding, right? Because this makes zero sense. Landon was literally in our locker room as a player for two years, buying in and helping build the culture we have.


Look, he seems like a nice kid. But what does he wanna do? Does he wanna get into coaching. Cool, come on staff again. But the Bachelorette gig, seemed a little childish in my opinion. I don’t watch the show, but you go on there to get famous obviously. Now you wanna do coaching and make little money. Doesn’t really line up. You get what I’m saying? If he was moving to Hollywood that make more sense

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Wait, so he’s in his 20s and did “something childish” (i.e., fun) according to someone, so he’s barred from being a coach?

Tough crowd.


That whole show is a joke, fabricated & fake. I can’t believe y’all actually watch that type of tv :tv: content!

There’s nothing reality about it. It’s refer by some as trash tv!


Hey, bring him back. Aint my decision. I do know alot of assistant coaches seem like they just grind. Recruiting, watching film. They’re not in the spot light, barely talked about. It does seem a bit different from the average Bachelorette contestant lifestyle. But that’s just me.

But, look he seems like a nice kid, so if he comes back on staff, not a big deal.

Never watched it.

Some people really cannot read sarcasm.

As for the childish comment. That comment itself seems to be the childish one.



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C’mon guys! Go back to fighting about covid. There’s no room on the board for Bachelor/Bachelorette fights.


maybe he just got back from the Taco Bell

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