Last coaching search candidates

Mike leach, lane kiffen, Doug meachum, Tom Herman.

I may be “misremembering”, but didn’t Sonny Dykes get some mention as well?

Oh that’s right sonny was listed as well.

Did we ever take a look at Muschamp?

I hope we never take a look at Muschamp. Good coordinator, terrible head coach.

It’s really sad we’re here again. I really hope Herman is different, but the part of me that knows Santa isn’t real knows this is business.

Personally, if the worst comes to pass, we have two great coordinators to step in. A third option, PJ Fleck?

What’s really sad is that we’re NOT here again, yet people insist on acting like we are.


I understand where you are coming from.

Most here believe Tom Herman will remain our coach because of the great position UH is in.

But, Tom Herman himself has said multiple times he would consider his options if one of the CFB elites came calling. UT, LSU, and USC all fit in that category.

UT and USC still have coaches, but you can’t ignore the writing on the wall because you don’t like it.

2 choices. 1. Put your head in the sand and ignore all talk about our head coach leaving. OR 2. Discuss the possible ways his could all play out, all the while doing what you can as a fan to get him to stay.

It sucks, but thats just the way it is. It would be nice if Tom Herman would say, “I am coaching at UH for my entire career.” But he hasn’t said that so here we are.

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Silly. Where your head is makes absolutely no difference to what happens. We have a coach and a team who has us in the middle of a great season, and he’s given NO indication that he’s leaving, so why continue to act like it’s a foregone conclusion?

Some people just like to be miserable, I guess.

Herman and Houston both made great choices, and both are enjoying the resulting success. That’s what’s worth talking about and celebrating.

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We are talking about UH’s great success this year. We celebrate every day. Have you seen the numerous threads on our ranking and kicking UCONN’s a**.

We can talk about both.

I am not miserable. The UH football program will be here IF CTH ever leaves.

I am not acting like it’s a foregone conclusion. Just discussing the possibilities. Once again IMO CTH stays, no matter what other opportunities become available.

If you don’t like this discussion then don’t click on the thread. Simple really

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