Late addition of running back Terence Williams could be key for University of Houston

“If a guy is hot you let him go,” Briles said. “The way that you tempo and being down here in the south, where it’s hot and humid, you can’t really tempo if you’re exchanging personnel. If we run a guy off the field, then they’re going to be able to sub defensively. They’re going to slow the game. If we’re at a point where we’re trying to play fast, then we’re going to let a guy eat.”

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I could see Williams going for 1200 yards this season if he’s 100% healthy and Clements does what I know he can do with the line.


Depending on how many touches he gets, I could see him averaging a lot more than 100 ypg. If he shares the load with Mulbah, it could be lower. Could this be the first time since the 70’s that we have two 1000 yard rushers in one season?


Blackwell and Davis??

1978 - Emmett King and Randy Love

Coogs have had 25 rush for 1,000 yards in a season; that was the only year that two rushed for over a 1,000 yards in the same season.

It was a joy watching King and Love in the Veer, great memories.


My favorite memory of Love was the Baylor game in 1978. Our offense was sputtering. On a third down play Davis put the ball in Love’s hands and then pulled to take the Veer to the outside and was stuffed. We had to punt. We were sitting in the stands behind the bench. On the sideline Love is ripping into Davis about not handing the ball off to him.

On the next drive, we went 60 or 70 yards on a drive that was almost all Love carrying the ball. We are down on the Baylor one yard line. Davis takes the snap, puts the ball in Love’s hands but then goes to pull it out to run the veer to the outside. You see Davis’s arms go to pull out and then you see Love drag Davis and the ball through the line and into the end zone. Love’s way of saying this was his drive and was going to be his TD.

Great times and a great team that season.


Fantastic until the Cotton Bowl

We have had some warriors at the running back position-- Randy Love, Chuck Weatherspoon, Kenneth Farrow, Leonard Parker. What others do you guys remember as the kind of running back you wanted on your side in a tough no holds barred kind of game?

He wasn’t the biggest guy, but Michael Hayes would flat out run you over. I’ll never forget that TD run against UCLA.


Alois Blackwell.

Robert Newhouse

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Im just ready for another 1000 RB again

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Yes please. 1000 yard rusher and 4000 yards through the air for King. He racked up 1260 yards passing in 4.5 games last year in a terrible offensive scheme. 4000 should be pretty easily attainable for him in the Briles offense. That’s an average of 333.33 over 12 games.

7000 total yards for the year should be achievable (FAU put up 6977 last year with Briles). I don’t see anyone on our schedule who should be able to shut us down defensively. If we would have put up that kind of yardage in 2017, we would have been #5 in total offense instead of #61 like we actually were.

And yes, I know yards is not terribly important in the grand scheme of things. I just want to see an exciting offense again and these are the numbers I would like to see.

In 2006, Alridge and Battle were a combined 98 yards from having 2–1000 yard seasons. Both had around 950 yards apiece. 2015 didn’t have 2 RBs but Ward rushed over 1000. Farrow was 42 yards from 1000.


Sims and Hayes in 2011 was a potent duo.


Agree , 2006 was another great year in coog lore. I seem to recall Ryan Jackson gashing Florida State DL in the peach bowl in 2015.

THAT was announcing. :sunglasses:

We haven’t had a 4,000 yard passer since Keenum. No one has been particularly close either. You have to go back to David Klingler to find one before him.

That said, I really hope you’re right about all the yards we will rack up.

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That was such a great run… I will never forget that one!

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