Latest installment from interview with PAC12's Larry Scott

This is the next installment of an interview with PAC12’s Larry Scott conducted by Jon Wilner of Mercurynews’s College Hotline.

Seems as if PAC12 has no interest in expansion, at least what they say publicly at the moment. This is just one of the topics covered in this newest installment.

If you scroll down this link to other PAC 12 articles you will see the other installments Wilner has posted in this continuing series. I believe the first one was posted on May 31st.

Only four night games will change times to earlier slots. That isn’t much.

They will have to be critical games to compete with ABC and ESPN whose nights games are usually the top 10 games of the week.

I do enjoy the late Pac12 games and the MWC games. I am usually reading late Sat. night and have the games on mute while reading. :relaxed:

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